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Is Conventional Test Tube Baby a good option?
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Sumita - July 11

Today, IVF has completed the desire of many couples who got success. Everybody is saying thank you for this kind of new reproductive approach, as it helped thousands of people in becoming parents. But there are some unfortunate couples who have been trying IVF for many years, but still they are without a baby. They had left hope of not becoming a parent in life. Why IVF is not good for every infertile couple in this world? What lacks in IVF? I would like to share some disadvantages of conventional IVF.

1. As everybody knows that the success of IVF is not insured. Before the success of IVF, patients have to go for IVF for more than one cycle of treatment as it carries many cycles. Till now only 25% of all IVF cycles results in a live birth.

2. Patients who got success in IVF and has successfully conceived a healthy baby, there is the possibility of side effects after conceiving a child. IVF requires lots of medication to cease and manipulation the mensuration cycle. They use highly effective drugs to complete this operation.

3. Complications can also occur, in which the fertilized ovum is developed in any tissue other than the uterine wall. This leads to ectopic pregnancy.

4. Sometimes IVF can cause premature birth with low birth weight, which results in long term health problem for children.

5. IVF Treatment is not available at affordable prices. It is very expensive.

It was all about traditional (conventional) IVF. It\\\\\\\'s not too much guaranteed in successful. You can go for \\\\\\\"Natural and Mild IVF\\\\\\\", as it does not contain any type of medicated drugs and has no side effects. It is a very simple treatment and available at very low cost. You can check at this link that I am providing you. It is very successful.



kristi lynn - July 19

i am not against it nor agree to a conventional test tube baby option. there are numbers of ways to get pregnant, to conceive. i think you would only consider ttb when you have no more options to choose from and this could be the least you can do to have a baby.



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