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is it about the pregnancy test or just my period?
9 Replies
leonore - November 23

i am quite paranoid now about how strange things has been going on in my self. i have been about 2 and a half weeks late, i have had pregnancy tests for about 4 times and the results are negative. i am so confused what's going on. am i pregnant or not?


aki - November 23

first of all leonore you need to know that sometimes we tend to switch menstrual cycle for some reasons. this is common to all of us women especially when we already have experienced conceiving.


bless - November 23

you know what, maybe your period stopped for some time due to your stress. maybe you have been loaded with so many work to do and that affects menstrual cycle.


ms_perfect - November 23



ms_perfect - November 23

yes STRESS can really hinder at all costs, "menstruation and pregnancy".


she_IS - November 24

did you happen to be very active and having excessive exercise? if you are then, this is one big factor too why you are not having your period for 2 and a half weeks.


phoebe - November 24

our eggs normally releases one every month and for about 14 days after egg is released if not fertilized that's the time you will have your menstruation. if the ovaries are not releasing eggs the way it should be, then the uterus may not be receiving any signals that needs to have your period.


marci - November 24

well, if this case happens you can have some medication to help the ovaries and the uterus communicate so that you can have a regular menstruation.


jackie - November 24

but if in case you are missing up 3 weeks, i suggest you should need to see a doctor to have a thorough examination just in case something's wrong with you.


harlem - November 24

still best to have a doctor's advice because maybe you are having a thyroid problem which maybe it is not working properly that may interfere your ovulation and menstruation. you could also have too much prolactin if your brain abnormally producing high level of the hormone prolactin.



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