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is it normal?
7 Replies
tracy - August 28

several days ago, i've been threatened with these abnormalities i felt in my body. i got an irregular periods and got excessive acne all over my face. i got a little bit worried with obesity problems too, i might not bear a child. i have a medical history about this hormone imbalances and i don't if this means one thing that i can't get pregnant. what do you think?


phoebe - August 28

did you happen to go for a medical check-up to update your medical history about your hormone imbalances? maybe you need some further examinations.


marci - August 28

i think you got a polycystic ovarian syndrome. in this case, your ovaries don't develop into larger, mature follicles. as what you've said, you got irregular periods. this is one of those main symptoms where you have an unpredictable ovulation patterns. phoebe was right, you need to update your medical history

and go get some check-ups.


dianne - August 28

but can you still get pregnant? will you still have healthy eggs amidst with this kind of syndrome? or are there any complications during pregnancy if you aren't
aware that you have one? this is something that we women should focused on.


amy - August 28

yes of course you still get pregnant, but then again it will definitely affect you and the child in your womb. you still have your ovulation and you can get
pregnant but since you don't know exactly your ovulation periods, then you would have small chances of getting pregnant.


jackie - August 28

hello there, i suggest you would have to get some lifestyle modifications like you have to go through diet and some exercises. you can also take some fertility drugs. a new treatment for PCOS uses a diabetes drug called metformin (glucophage), which can help restore regular ovulation.


claudia - August 28

good advice! this is such a big help, i am going through the same problem and with all your advices guys, this means so much to me. i hope there will be an
additional updates about pcos. thanks! :)


Shaun - September 10

Having irregular period doesn't mean you can't bear a child. Checking up is a good idea. As far as I know 10% of women at age of 15 - 44 all over US experience infertility.



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