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is it ok for alcohol drinker?
20 Replies
noreen.07 - December 17

is it ok to drink alcoholic beverages when you are trying to conceive or you are already pregnant?


haleigh - December 17

this is a good question especially now that the festive season is coming up and many of those parents, pregnant and those who plans to have a kid are thinking if it is really ok to drink.


desiree - December 17

but of course the impact of drinking and eating can give quite a lot of surprising results to the ability of conceiving.


janina - December 17

i guess it is really not that bad at all but we just don't have any idea on knowing how much is already too much for us.


tanya - December 17

the factors are widely seen in the effects on the fertility of female in alcohol and yet alcohol has an adverse effect to us women.


matilda - December 17

not really advisable though, this will cause us hormonal imbalance that will disrupt the normality of menstrual cycle and lead to having difficulty in conceiving.


cassandra - December 17

i guess if you are in the act of trying, you wouldn't want to waste the chances of it by abusing yourself in alcohol, don't you?


marci - December 17

did you know that consuming extreme alcohol can cause you amenorrhea or what they called the absence of menstruation, anovulation or worst of all, having a miscarriage at early pregnancy and some other problems of fertility.


phoebe - December 17

even if you only drink in moderation it is still not good. researchers shown that while you are trying to conceive this can make getting to pregnant kind of harder to women.


dianne - December 17

alcohol on female fertility has the most disruptive effects and conception can be hindered.


jackie - December 17

this does not only isolate the case for women but also for men who are actively drinking alcohol.


janina - December 17

exactly, it affects both sides and there is no excuse at all.


fayatollah - December 17

with male, they will be having problems on the quantity, quality and mobility of their sperm even if they are only regular drinkers.


zhiba - December 17

consuming alcoholic beverages will make the absorption of fertility mineral zinc to reduced and this is not a good thing for those who are trying to conceive. you are doing your luck and if you only waste it for once on drinking alcohol, chances are very low or nothing at all.


sandy - December 17

most of the studies made with consuming a large amount of alcohol can cause greater efffect on fertility, but it doesn't mean that you will abstain completely on it.


viktoria - December 17

right, you can have a couple of drinks a week to relax yourself and to unwind a bit but not too much just to ease the strain.


tracy - December 17

agreeable, because you can still have one or like 2 alcoholic drinks in limit, remember it is only limited if you are trying to conceive.



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