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is it possible to get pregnant?
15 Replies
dorothy - October 16

hi, just want to know if i can be pregnant and at the same have my period? is it possible??


eureka - October 16

weird though, but yes even me i have that in mind if you are able to get pregnant and have period... that sounds crazy but maybe we don't know, some or rarely one of a hundred experience it what do you think?


epiphany - October 16

yeah and funny seems that it is not really true, not at all. once you started to produce the pregnancy hormone and it is already established, you can't develop menstrual cycle anymore and you normal periods will stop.


trista - October 16

is that so? but heard some news about a pregnant woman and having her period. maybe it was just misinterpreted, maybe she was having an internal hemorrhage due to stress or somewhat like that.


deborah - October 16

yes you can have internal hemmorhage during pregnancy when you are overly stressed, especially when it comes to emotional stressed. but having period during pregnancy is way too impossible.


janice - October 16

yea stress is a factor that you will get bleeding, experiencing bleeding during early pregnancy that is just like you are having your menstrual cycle.


betsy - October 16

exactly, maybe that was meant by trista when you got that breakthrough bleeding that was caused by hormones controlling your normal menstrual cycle.


dorothy - October 16

oh, that's it, i think that thing comes into my mind. when you bleed, you actually seems to have your menstrual cycle. i kinda get it.


shasha - October 16

heheh... not just that, bleeding also occurs when your fertilized egg implants into the lining of the uterus or in your womb. usually it happens when you are about to have your period due.


gilda - October 17

yes, but at this time, when you said that you are bleeding and you're pregnant, that is more likely due to your breakthrough bleeding than the so called implantation bleeding.


cheska - October 17

i see, great learning digested :) ... but still, bleeding is dangerous, this could lead you to difficulty in establishing your due date.


sandy - October 17

what about the spotting in your skin during the early pregnancy?


spice - October 17

i think that caused by bleeding. almost 65% of women have their spotting in early pregnancy but somehow there are no complications accompanied with it.


elayza - October 17

but you know, that could be a first sign of miscarriage baby. there are couple of symptoms with that. you could have heavy cramping, and bleeding could be much of greater volume than a normal period. when you are experiencing sharp pains in your lower abdomen, then it is time for you to go to the doctor coz it may be possible for you to have an ectopic pregnancy.


cassandra - October 17

well, we should educate ourselves on tha matters. we expectant mothers and those women who are still planning to become a parent.


girl2woman - October 17

you are definitely right. before anything else or before you'll regret, it is better to consult your doctor or midwife. an early ultrasound will best be the first thing to do so that you can evaluate your condition timely.



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