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it's a success!
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Mizhell - June 21

hello lovelies! i just wanted to share my story, just brief and short. i have been trying to conceive for two years and at long last, i am now two months preggy! the last two years were all frustrations and we never had any fertility problems at all, prior to all the fertility tests we took. so, we did lifestyle change, we watch our diet and had weekly exercise sesh. i don't know if these were factors that made me conceive, but i am definitely sure it helped a lot!


michelle - July 4

lifestyle changes and proper diet has a big role in conceiving so it did helped. also maybe you made the "right timing".

congratulations to both of you!


Sumita - July 7

Hi Mizhell!
Congratulations to both of you!


Aurora - July 31

these days, lifestyle is one big factor that a woman might not able to conceive. with all the busy scheds, our reproductive health is also at risk.


Virginia - August 2

wow! congratulations dear! i have been ttc also for 5 long years and just like you dear, i was frustrated, devastated and tired of waiting. i did yoga class to get pregnant and alas, it did work!


Svetlana - August 3

it's good to hear positive posts here! at least all those who are ttc will be more hopeful enough to try and never quit! congratulations!!! :)


MrsStephanie - August 22

Hi there,

I did not have the same issue but I did suffer with a form of infertility called anovulation. It was a very hard time! After coming of the pill I started using a Lady-Comp to monitor my cycles and after using it for a year I had only ovulated once but I had been having regular 29-31 day cycles. I was very blessed to get pregnant with my son (who is now 10 months). We would like to have more kids so I am back on the forums to see other peoples experiences.


xenia - December 13

Congrats and healthy pregnancy


Jennaspence - May 19

Congratulations on the good news. I second your thoughts. You are absolutely correct. Diet and a change in lifestyle do wonders. I have seen many such cases like yours. Most people today dont understand this. I hope this post creates awareness. Good job writing it up.


monikadavid - May 20

Hey first of all congratulations to you! I hope this pregnancy of yours goes safe and sound. Make sure that you maintain that healthy diet. You indeed were very lucky that by changing your lifestyle you were able to solve the problem. As so many other women have to go far ahead till IVF. A lot of people don’t realize the benefits of a healthy diet. It can change the way your body functions and it can be so helpful. All my warm wishes are with you.


Anisa - May 22

Hey. Congratulations. So happy for your Success. I was also not able to Conceive due to Cervix Incompetence disease. I was left Infertile due to this disease. I always wanted to have a baby. I wanted to be a mother but that was not written in my fate. It was not in my hands to be a mother so I looked for other ways. In those days when I was searching a procedure, I was introduced to a term surrogacy. Yes, this was living silver lining in my cloud. I was so happy. I talked to my husband. He was happy with my decision. We went to a clinic in Europe and now I have a baby girl. I sent them an email about my condition to the clinic management so they gave me an appointment date. Now my family is complete. I am thankful to everyone who supported me



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