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IUI Treatment
15 Replies
anfield123 - September 26

a year ago I was told that there was no reason (other than my age) that I shoudn't be able to conceive and that I should go away and continue to try for 12 months. If after 12 months I had not become pregnant then I had to resort to IUI treatment but would need to pay as I was over 40 years of age. This is my next step very soon.


tara-newbie - December 15

Has anybody had IUI treatment ? I start in January and would love to hear any positive stories :)


didi - January 3

Hi - I had 4 cycles of IUI, 2 abandon & 2 never worked. I do have POCS so think that didn't help. Good luck!!!


catb - January 7

Hi Tara i start my iui treatment this month also, good luck :)


VictoriaMcKeown - March 13

Hi there, I start my IUI treatment next month, I'm very nervous. Any advice would be very helpful. I looked up on how many you should have and adviced that 2/3 then consider other options. To the person didi where are you now? Best of luck everyone!!


catb - March 15

Hi Victoria I started my iui treatment in Jan, and after my first treatment i am now 7 weeks pregnant, I have my first scan next week. I was advised by my hospital that I would get 6 treatments after the fourth if nothing had happened they would put me on the waiting list for ivf, but still continue with the last two. when my period began i started taking the drug they gave me ( i forget the name of it) on day five i went in to get my first injection, they talk you through it and give you a practice kit i then got an injection every 2nd day for over a week, (i had to get 2 extra injections as i never had enough foliciles), then then gave me a scan and i had to go in the next day for the insemination and the day after for another scan, it was alot of going back and forward to the hosp but it was worth it, though i have now been warned as three of my foliclies were fertilised i am now at a high risk of multiple pregnancy, i was lucky that mine worked first time but im am beening level headed about it and keeping my fingers crossed hopefully all will be well at my scan. Good luck, stay positive and relax, hopefully it will work out for you, hope this helps :)


VictoriaMcKeown - March 29

Hi Catb, thank you so much for sharing your experience. Congratulations to you. Let me know how you get on with the scan, my fingers are crossed for you. How did you feel taking the drugs? They have told me that there are side effects which I'm a little concerned about. Did you experience any discomfort or have any modd swings? Also how did you find injecting yourself? Thanks for all your help so far. Please let me know how you get on and I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy. Congratulations once again.


catb - March 31

Hi Victoria, I didnt suffer to many side affects, i did feel sick with the tablets and have a loss of appitite, my mood swings weren't to bad a couple of wobbles and a couple of times I would cry for no reason but apart from that it wasn't to bad at all. I never injected myself I got my husband to do it for me, but it was fine I never felt it,

My first scan went well, I had another scan yesterday as I am just short of 10 weeks now and have found out I am expecting triplets. I am still in a bit of shock lol, which explains the 24/7 morning sickness and tiredness.
When do you start your treatment? good luck for when you do, I hope it works out for you and keep me posted xx


victoriamckeown - April 4

Hi Catb,

Wow. Congratulations. You must be so shocked but excited at the same time. Please keep me updated all the way. Would love to hear how you get on through your pregnancy.

Thanks for all your help and advice, you have put me at ease. It does not feel as scary now. My husband and I are delaying the start of our treatment for a month as we are on holiday. So awkward timing really. We begin early May. We have all the drugs and all and that's why I asked the questions. It's so daunting when you recieve everything.

Good luck and if you get chance to post your scan that would be lovely to see.

Oh where in the world do you live. Not exact location just the area?


VictoriaMcKeown - June 6

Hi Catb, I have just completed my first treatment, just waiting now to see if we have been successful. Fingers crossed!. How are you getting on with your triplets? Hope the scan went well.

Hopefully speak to you soon xx


catb - June 11

Hi Victoria, i am keeping my fingers crossed for you, now thats your first treatment passed it will be less daunting for you, and you can relax a little, sorry i never repiled to you last post in April, I wasnt keeping very well, had really bad morning sickness, but I am now on sickness tablets and am able to eat, and get out and about. I go to the hosp every 2 weeks for a scan and to see the specialist, i have my 20 week detailed scan on tue. Keep us posted on how you get on... good luck !!!!


ali-bash - June 12

hey i not really sure how this works but 3 years ago we got told that we could not have a child naturly so we started on the long road of lost of test bloods and scan. we started our first try of iui it was cancled as i prodused to many big eggs. now we have had our second go and all seamed to be going so waitin on scan but starting to worrie as iv been bleeding im totaly gutted is it normal ? wish every one going threw treatment all the luck in the world x


VictoriaMcKeown - June 12

Hi Catb

Good to hear from you! Sorry you were feeling all that sickness, can't be pleasant! It's good that their keeping a good eye on how your doing with all the scans. 20 Weeks almost you must be getting big! I have a couple of days left til we find out. It has been a looooong 2 weeks! Good luck at the scan!

Ali-bash - Welcome to the site! I don't knows anything about bleeding before the scan, I didn't have any bleeding. What did your Nurse/Doctor say? Fingers crossed for you!


ali-bash - June 13

Thanks Victoria eh they said not to worrie to much about it just to wait till we have the bloods done to find out if we are or arent. think im just worrin to much i wishing you lots of luck .


catb - June 14

Hi Ali - Bash, I have got my fingers crossed for you, After my first treatment it was all i could think about. I no Its difficult but try to relax and not worry, and good luck xx


ali-bash - June 14

Thanks its just so hard all this waitin feels like all i do just now wait for bloods wait for scans but hopefully all worth it hope everythings good with you.



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