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IVF for lesbian couple
6 Replies
wonnaBeMum - March 6

Dear ladies,

I need an advice. I am a lesbian desiring to have a child with my girlfriend. I will be the one inseminated and we will have a sperm donor. We have done our research about clinics where to go. We definitely want to go abroad as it will be easier for us to talk about our problems with people who will not judge us as some people in England might do. Secondly, I will fell more comfortable that nobody will get to know about me having an artificial insemination. We have been thinking about Reprogenesis, a private clinic in the Czech Republic. The link is They seem to be from the UK but it is just the English version of their webpage. What do you think about it? Thanks for opinions..


Fortisfertility - May 6

india provides low cost ivf treatments


tcmanddisease - July 18

hope your IVF will be successful in the end, good luck for you.


sara8 - March 21

Hi,I suppose UK is best for IVF Treatments. I would suggest Dr.Irfana Kazi she is indian based Specialist in Reproductive Medicine at CRGH,UK. I am carrying out my IVF treatment under as well.She is very humble and professional,you dont have to worry a thing. She will chalk out a perfect plan.Sorry for bragging but just sharing my experience with her as I visited a quite few Docs before and they were not upto the bar. Its your call at the end,hope it helps and Good luck


Glennis - May 4

You've many choices in this matter, just search internet, there are many great doctors in Europe.


evie_hcox - May 10

Hi. My comment has almost nothing to do with this topic I just chose the most popular one so i would be more likely to get a reply. I'm sorry if this offends anyone.
Basically, my mum and dad had split up ((I'm 13)) and it has been about 1-2 years since they have. I am still very close to my dad. About 3 months ago, I had become susicious about my mum and who she was contacting since I live with her. She had been protective over her phone and iPad which I respect but whenever I say next to her she would move. Once I had saw pictures of herself on her iPhone. (Not rude or anything, just body and face pictures) which I found unusual for some reason. One sago was out at a cafe with her and she was showing me a video and a notification came up saying "those pics did something for me ;)' at that moment, my heart and stomach literally dropped. To that, she said nothing hoping I didn't see it. From that moment on I had always felt uncomfortable in her presence.And today, the same senario occurred when the message this time was "mmmm ;)" I have been distraught for the whole day and will never make eye contact with her. I have just listened in on a phone call she had and I heard things like "she can sleep at my mum and dads while I come up" which I'm guessing means me staying at my grandparents. I have also heard "when can we meet up again?" Which made me feel sick to my stomach. I'm sorry for such a long message. I'm so angry and frustrated at my mum even though she's just doing what everyone else does. I feel uncomfortable with her and just want my old mum back.???? Thank You Everyone ????


evie_hcox - May 10

The question marks are supposed to be emoticons. :(



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