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IVF option
7 Replies
CleoJAN - June 8

my husband and i are TTC for the longest time now. we discussed about IVF and i wanted to give it a shot. are there any risks associated with IVF?


sheila - June 27

ectopic pregnancy, birth defects, multiple births, miscarriage and ovarian cancer are some possible risk to IVF. i honestly don't think this is a good choice. hope this helps.


althea - July 30

did you talk about it with your husband? you have to ask him first if he is open to the possibility of IVF. before deciding, learn some other options that may help you in TTC.


KELSEY - August 1



leerose520 - August 27

the successful rate of IVF depends on you condition. as i know that the successful rate of IVF on hydrosalpinx isn't the high. and here are the reasons:

Many reports show that IVF is the first choose for infertility women, which contributing to the dramatic increasing of IVF over the worldwide. Among those women, most of them have tubal conditions such as tubal blockage, tubal adhesion, and hydrosalpinx. Although the totally account of IVF is increasing, how about the success rate of IVF? According to a survey posted by Wuhan hospital, the success rate of IVF for hydrosalpinx women is the lowest.

Although infertility in women can be caused by many factors, among the few main causes, 33% of infertility cases is tubal conditions, of which hydrosalpinx accounts for 50%. What's more, this morbidity still is increasing. For those young women whose hydrosalpinx are mild, one month treatment with fuyan pill is enough for conceiving with natural way. However, patients don't want to take herbal pill because it works slowly, so they prefer IVF surgery.

1. hydrosalpinx women have casual Reflux phenomenon on vagina, compare with women with blockage or adhesion. The reflux of hydrops can flush or bring embryo away, which is bad for implantation of fertilized egg or bringing unstable implantation to women.

2. Hydrops in Fallopian tubes is bad for embryo, because hydrops is full of tissue fragments, toxic materials, microorganism, and lymphocyte, which restricting the the growth of embryo, retarded development and even dead when touching with it.

3. Generally speaking, uterus has receptiveness to fertilized egg. When one woman has hydrosalpinx, the receptiveness and environment of uterus can be changed, restricting by osteopontin, and leukaemia inhibitory factor. Thus, it is not good for embryo to implant.

4. Hydrops also can affect the function of ovaries, by affecting the blood transportation to ovaries via pressure caused by hydrops, making bad or poor quality eggs. If there is no high quality egg, there is chance to do IVF.

The four factors make the success rate of IVF for hydrosalpinx women very low. However, as long as hydrosalpinx is cured, the success rate of natural way is very high. Hydrosalpinx is a disease that easy to be cured by herbal treatment - fuyan pill within three months.

so i recommend you to choose IVF as your treatment based on your condition.


lockie - October 30

multiple pregnancies and multiple happiness :)


monikadavid - June 6

Hey, I hope you are doing well. IVF has different side effects for different people. It all depends on your condition really. Since I suffer from low AMH and poor ovarian reserve doctors have already told me that the chances of it to work in my case are very low. They have also warned me that if it even works the chances of MC are quite high. However, for others, the chances of success are 60% it all really depends on your doctor. The doctor must be professional with a good experience. There are no such severe side effects as almost everyone is opting for it these days.


Cora044 - June 7

Hello beautiful! Infertility is common nowadays. Well IVF and surrogacy are the two alternatives to cope with infertility. Honestly speaking IVF is risky in some cases. I suggest you that surrogacy is better than IVF. Because a chance of failure in IVF is more as compare to surrogacy. I am infertile and have a child through surrogacy. So at the end decisions is yours. Best wishes



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