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let's talk about unexplained fertility problem
11 Replies
mandy - August 31

being woman, a wife and a hopeful mother, i am concerned of all the issues that might have been driven to my wild mind about fertility problems. for some this wouldn't be that much important. but for us, who wants to start a family of our own would like to dig more on this problems. women out there are free to share on this thread and hope we can learn something to it.


april - August 31

i guess that having diagnosed with unexplained fertility problem means that all test done to you are on normal outcome. but i don't know much about it on of what particular level this could lead to be a major concern for a woman like me.


betsy - August 31

i am not aware of this and it is kind of weird to know that you could have fertility problem when tests are normal.


janice - August 31

i am an obese person and my this is my major problem why until at this moment i can't just get pregnant. although there are certain chances that obese women can get pregnant, the doctor told me lose down some weights
if i would have to plan for conceiving a child.


liza - August 31

yes, weight problems of being under or overweight, either of the two can be a factor of it.


felicia - August 31

ladies, overweight seems to be a problem, and yes it is! although not all but here are some of those main factors too like going on to excessive exercise and this are of no symptoms.


deborah - August 31

i knew that even environmental toxins may be contributing factors but no direct links between fertility and those possible problems have been


sheena - August 31

are there any remedies for this? it sounds so hard to determine of what way you can cure this when you can't just figure out the exact problem; the unexplainable issue of not getting pregnant would give you a bit of worry.


epiphany - August 31

there are several fertility drugs combined with artificial insemination or reproductive technologies procedures such as in vitro fertilization.


belinda - August 31

doctors would know what are some factors that gives you this fertility problems. they would figure out some causes and definitely would explain it to you what to do.


gilda - September 2

that would get you into the irritating part where you can't just get it why you can't be pregnant when you don't have any symptoms of being infertile. duh!


nimfa - September 2

why do doctors can't explain this such very exasperating thing? can't they figure it out?



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