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low, low, low sperm count...
13 Replies
efraine - December 17

i am not the worried one in our married life with my beautiful wife who just seems to be so understanding with my situation. i am glad i come across to this forum and i know that men are also welcome in fertility issues because we are just like you women.


femme1979 - December 17

hello there efraine, welcome! so definitely you have issues on your sperm count? you are just lucky to have a wife that understand you because the thing is, it is not your fault anyways.


gilda - December 18

there is no need for you to worry because there is this one process that will help you as a couple to have a kid. intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection that can be done to your wife injecting healthy sperm into her egg.


marion - December 18

this could be a challenging task for embryologist in finding a sperm to perform ICSI but in case you are suffering from azoospermia which is the absence of the sperm in your ejaculation, then probably you may need a donor sperm.


tanya - December 18

the process of having surgical sperm retrieval in you will somehow be quite long and comes with complex operations that requires a general anaesthesia like mesa. or to open biopsy. but if this will give a new hope for conception, then i think you will not think of the how complicated could it be.


violah - December 18

but at the moment there are already simplified process in the retrieval of sperm like testicular sperm extraction.


desiree - December 18

i am curious about azoospermia for men, what cause this?


britney00 - December 18

there are couple of reasons for men to suffer from azoospermia. sometimes it is a genetic problem that is associated by cystic fibrosis.


ashley - December 18

obviously vasectomy is also a cause where it can no longer be reversed at all.


SUNSHINE - December 18

sometimes if a man went on to surgery or some trauma or an infection that leads to blockage of the delicate tubes leading from testes or simply a premature andropause.


desiree - December 18

you can no longer be so alarmed because there are a lot of means and ways to help you out efraine and yet you can still have a baby if you will only try it with the help surgery.


rafaela - December 18

sometimes having a low sperm count comes from an effect of being alcoholic and smoker.


soraya - December 18

definitely... you need to change lifestyle on that matter. live the healthy way as much as possible avoid bad vices.


patrice - December 18

yes, lifestyle is one factor that affect your sperm count. keep fit!



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