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miscarriage... could that be easy to get back on track of ha
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big``GIRL - October 16

do i still have the chance to bear child after having more than one miscarriage pregnancy?


aki - October 16

you mean more than one?! whoah... i think you have a problem with your ovary.


abigail - October 16

well, you couldn't anticipate that. sometimes after having one or more miscarriage pregnancy, you could have a healthy pregnancy later on.


imah'diva - October 16

how could that be?

i mean is it really possible to have a healthy pregnancy afterwards?


abigail - October 17

if you have been having an unexplained recurrent miscarriages, that would be 2 or more in a row you could still have a chance of 75% to carry another pregnancy in term


big``GIRL - October 17

i see, but that doesn't goes to every women who have that kind of situation... i think that if the chance would be yours, you could have the luck to make a pregnancy successful after having a couple of miscarriage pregnancies.


lowella - October 17

yeah you still need the luck and all the prayers with the help of your doctors and believing yourself that you and your partner can have a successful one.


april - October 17

well, the best thing to do is to wait for a couple of months after miscarriage before trying to conceive again. most of the time physicians would have to advice you this because you still need to heal the damages that had brought you from miscarriage physically and emotionally...


dianne - October 17

that is correct. things should need to be planned for taking another step ahead... :)


brandy - October 17

you should also try to lie-low having sexual intercourse for quite sometime after having a miscarriage pregnancy so you can prepare much more better for the next time you guys would try again.


nimfa - October 17

the doctor also says that it is advisable for you to have at least one or two normal menstruation to be sure that you have been recovered from your loss. i think that you have to make it longer at a time if you had a late miscarriage.


hyacinth - October 17

i would like to assume that you are seeing your doctor with regards to your situation. but as i read your query, it doesn't sounds like you had it consulted. it is much more appropriate that you seek counselor's advice.


trista - October 17

one thing to bear in mind, never blame yourself for the loss. do not feel like it is the end of the world because as long as you are living, there is hope...


lowella - October 17

yes it is true trista, because sometimes women who have been into that situation feels like they are responsible for that. keep you hope high.


viktoria - October 17

miscarriage is meant to have a chromosomal abnormality in the developing of your embryo. that is why it is a positive way to learn more about your condition to a professional.


we_women - October 17

aside from that, always eat plenty of nutritious food and keep your lifestyle healthy, exercise before getting pregnant


soraya - October 17

aha, and if you are into vices, quit it as early as possible not just from the time you want to get pregnant. learn to give up smoking and drinking if you can.



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