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29 Replies
betsy - December 18

well if there is a previous mole that remained after the treatment. a tiny can piece of the mole into any part of your body can still rapidly grow and will cause problems.


maya - December 18

so what cold be the signs to know one is having a molar pregnancy?


bless - December 18

if you happen to be pregnant or even not, and you feel like your womb grows faster than normal then be aware of this.


the_women - December 18

vaginal bleeding can be one too and during pregnancy the absence of foetal movements can be alarming so get yourself checked.


harlem - December 20

some see signs of cluster looking kind of grapes that are leaking from your vagina and having an excessive vomiting in your early pregnancy.


cassandra - December 20

we women should be pretty much aware on this signs. in case we experience one of those, then there is no room for neglecting it but to have ourself diagnose.


epiphany - December 20

exactly your point! the doctor may do you ultrasound scanning that will enable an early diagnosis if you have molar pregnancy.


rafaela - December 20

laboratory testing and examination should be done right away after miscarriage pregnancy, ectopic or termination. should have the placenta checked by a pathologist.


soraya - December 20

to remove as many of placenta in the womb, dilatation and curettage or scraping is to be done.


KISHBELLE - December 20

to make sure you have a complete removal of the mole, the procedure should be repeated so that those tiny mole amounts left in your body will not grow and spread anymore.


leticia - December 20

i guess we should not be so worried because this kind of disease is curable and prognosis for this is quite good even in the case where it the disease was already spread out to other organs.


she_IS - December 20

well, the disease should have been on the womb cavity only to have a hundred percent curable chance and sometimes one out of 10 women have chemotheraphy required.


janina - December 20

i think that it is not a good idea for a woman to get pregnant right away after having molar pregnancy because it will only give it the chance to reoccur and may reactivate.


marci - December 20

agree on you janina, a patient of molar pregnancy before should not engaged on getting pregnant and put one self in the process of getting back to the condition.



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