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not eating fish...
13 Replies
cassiopeia - November 23

i love eating fish a lot and i was just thinking that if i should try to cut off eating fish while trying to get pregnant. is that a good idea?


patrice - November 23

hmmm, i don't think that can affect of planning to get pregnant. that is just a myth maybe.


gretchen - November 24

how could fish or other seafood be a risk in getting pregnant when in fact fish and shellfish are loaded with vitamins and minerals and it is a part of our healthy diet.


ingrid - November 24

yes that is true but sometimes some fishes might cause you at risk. so just be cautious to it.


nerissa - November 24

just be sure you are not eating too much, just the recommended amount of it because it may harm your health and especially your baby's health.


heidi - November 24

if you are not aware, some of the fish or nearly all of them and the shellfish as well contains some of methylmercury compound that is harmful when in high doses to an unborn baby or to a child that is still in developing stage.


betsy - November 24

is that so? haven't known that at all and i am glad i read this discussion over. thanks for the information heidi.


heidi - November 24

this could also be a precautionary measures as to experts advise that pregnant women and breastfeeding women and for those women who wants to get pregnant to avoid eating shark, swordfish or marlin. eating tuna should also be limited, just eat for about 4 medium-size cans of tuna or 2 fresh of tuna steaks per week.


catie - November 24

hmm, that's a good point there, i should take note of that since i really love to eat tuna because i know it is very healthy. but now i know that it is not healthy for those pregnant to eat too much of it.


dianne - November 24

if you are pregnant, you should not eat of more than 2 portions of some oily fish like salmon, herring or trout a week because this contains environmental pollutants like dioxins.


00daphne00 - November 24

yes, heard that one too. these will interfere the development of unborn babies.


may0311 - November 24

canned tuna is an excuse a bit because it doesn't count as oily fish. you can eat as much as white fish like cod, coley, sea bass and harddock.


desiree - November 24

but this doesn't shows that we have to totally avoid fish when we are pregnant, just eat the healthy and safety one as possible. of course fish for all we know is loaded with protein, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D that for all we know too is best and important in our health.


dorothy - November 24

just remember this, everything that is too much is not good at all. whatever food will it be if you eat too much, that is no good at all. discipline to yourself about eating habits is very very important.



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