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Not sure if I am pregnant or not?
2 Replies
Ct198923 - February 16

Me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 6 months now, and for the last 3 months I have been bleeding around the time of my period, with minimal clots, which for me is very unusual. I have also had the feeling of fluttering and like gas rising in my lower abdomen. The bleeding is always around my time of periods, but can be 4-5 days early, and one month 12 days after it was due. I have taken tests which are negative, but speaking to my sister, she had the same scenario with both of her children. She found out she was pregnant 3 weeks before her due date with her first and 6 weeks with her second. My doctor is not taking me seriously at all with this however, and my normal gp who dealt with my sister has retired. The gp refuses to send me for a blood test and or scan to find out. Is there any one else who has had the same issue? And if so how can I get a blood test or scan? Thanks


Fortisfertility - May 15

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Consult Doctor and confirm..All the best..


qetuo - August 5

hi, it isn't easy to plan for a pregnancy. many disease can be a blockage of your plan. but one of the biggest problem is tubal blockage. tubal blockage not only can bring inferiility to you but also can bring ectopic pregnancy to you. so women should pay much attention to this disease. thus, before you to prevency, it is better for you to take one or two months fuyan pill. this pill not only can make tubal blockage unblocked, but also can improve the environment of uterus.



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