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Now i dont have pcos help me?
7 Replies
xdebbie1988x - August 27

Hi i am 21years old from scotland

i have been trying to concieve for 2years. My periods are very irregular they come like every 4 months. So i went to the doctors in june an she done a blood test to check my hormone levels. So i got the results back and she says she thinks i have PCOS but i need to get another blood test done the week of my next period so last week i got my period and went in for another blood test. I got my results today and she said i dont have PCOS. So i have made another appointment to see my doctor to see what else i can do. Cause i really want a baby,

What will the doctors do, can they give me anything to help me or do i have something else wrong with me. What do i say to the doctor when i go in next week.

Help me plz


janina - August 28

hi, PCOS is a polycystic ovary syndrome that is an endocrine disorder that affects approximately 5% of all women. consulting a doctor is one way how to know what will you do in order for you to have baby and you have to medical treatment and consider four categories: lowering of insulin levels, restoration of fertility,treatment of hirsutism or acne, restoration of regular menstruation, and prevention of endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial cancer.


elijah - August 28

you said you don't have PCOS anymore, but how come? did the doctor prescribed you something for a solution to cure your PCOS? what did your doctor told you so. if it happens that you don't have it anymore, what will the purpose of going back again to the doctors. i am just confused about you asking what will the doctors do?


xdebbie1988x - August 28

the doctor did a blood test and from those results she said she thinks i have PCOS but she will need to do another blood test the week off my next period. so i finally got my period last week and went in for another blood test then i got the results back which said the doctor is happy with your results, you dont have PCOS


balsy - September 2

that's a good news for you debbie. you should be happy for that. did the doctor said that it is now safer to have a baby? or are there any other additional precautionary measures to do so, so it won't come back anymore?


elijah - September 2

is it possible that PCOS may come back after several months or a year or so?


Vina - June 28

the doctor thinks you have PCOS, which means she is not really sure about the results. that is strange girl! then she told you, you don't have PCOS anymore. hmmm, maybe you need another doctor for a second opinion.


Sumita - July 13

This is good that you don't have PCOS. Why are taking tension? Everything is fine.. Go to your doctor she will give another advise about how you can have baby.



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