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off depo provera - worried - please help
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kayz1701 - November 2

i was on depo injection for 1 year, my last one being feb this year. i have not had a period since march 2009 (19 months - 7 while being off depo).
me and my partner are trying to get pregnant, but now im worried i have something wrong with me - since march i have suffered with (what i read a lot of women coming off depo have also been through) sore breasts, fatigue, nausea, swollen stomach. and more.
but, for the past 2 weeks i have had a dull ache in my right abdomen just beside my hip and below the pelvic bone.
the dull ache varied from barely noticable to feelings of somersaults in my stomach. it is hard and tender to touch.
my left side felt fine.

last night however, i got a stabbing feeling, it was so severe i went to the hospital. the nurse (who i can only guess was a volunteer with no medical knowledge) prodded, asked questions about urination and bowel movements, completely ruled out infection and said she believed it was an ectopic pregnancy.
she did a test and it came back negative (the reason i am reluctant to believe this womans diagnosis - apart from what she told me next - was that she did not know how to read a pregnant strip. telling me it was the bit you dip in wee that gives 2 black lines.... I had to tell her to move her finger as she was covering the test line!!!!!) anyway, this came up negative (as the last 10 i took) but i do feel pregnant - then again i am not going to say i am as im not a doctor and it may be the hard swollen stomach thats making me wish- when this test came back negative she then told me it was a water infection (the thing she initially said it definately cant be, and she ruled out. now saying it is after doing no other tests)
i have high protein in my urine also.
But - what is now worrying me is that today, i am having sharp pains under my left breast, headaches and shooting pains down my right leg - starting at my hip. and the pain has now also moved to my left side (although it is still only hard on the right and in the middle, the left is soft and can be pushed in like a normal belly)

Im sorry this is such a long post, but pray that someone on here may be able to shed some light on this issue. maybe if you have had any of the same symptoms, (i dont want to leave it or trust that its a water infection if it isnt - its too close to the 'baby machine' to risk anything being seriously wrong reproductively)

please help. sorry again for the long post, and thank you in advance.





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