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Ovarian Cyst
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Sleepy-Angel - April 28

Hey, this is my first post so hopefully it's in the right place.
I'm 16 years old and about a month ago I was getting severe pain in my right side, they it was my appendix but during the operation they found out that I had a 3cm cyst on my right ovary which was causing the pain. The cyst was drained and I was told there was a chance the cyst could come back.
For the past week now i've been getting the same sharp and aching pains in my right and left ovary area, it's not as bad as last time but close enough. The pain is worse in the right side. My mum said about going to the doctors but i'm so nervous to find out what is causing the pain. I have anxiety and being told that the cyst could come back has just scared the hell out of me. I'm thinking of waiting till my period has come to see if thats normal as last time it stoped for 3 months and then was really heavy. I've only just found out that the problems with my period was caused by the cyst, I thought it was to do with the illness I have (chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E). I just so confused about everything and can't talk about this with anyone as they just don't want to listen.

Sorry this is so long, i'm just so scared and don't know what to do. xx


BCVanzandt - May 5

Hi, I'm Brianne Im 23 in Cali, USA and have been dealing with ovarian cysts for 5-6 years. I know how painful it can be it just plain old sucks...... But I do want to say that in my opinion, because you are 16, (i know it may be a repetitive type statement but) you are young and our body's health is more RESILIENT in our younger years!

I hope that you will be brave and have these problems medically examined! Remember that many people who work in hospitals have also gone through situations similar to this anxiety causing one you are going through! Find a place where the doctors and nurses listen to you when ever you need them to. I know it sounds like a kind of difficult task (where am i gonna find THESE DR.'S and NURSES!) but it seems as though your mother is ready, willing, and hoping for you to get the help you need! My heart goes out to you sweet heart. I know what you are going through. SORRY, im super emotional sometimes lol.

Just want you to know that you aren't alone.... Just a couple things before I go, ask your physician to tell you whether or not you may have polycystic ovary syndrome, that is what I have been dealing with. It helps to ask questions. Don't worry about researching these things, because that can cause a great deal of anxiety in us ladies... Just ask your doctor, maybe if they believe it is this syndrome they can refer you to a knowledgeable endocrinologist (a reproductive organ, i.e. ovaries etc, specialist) who can help you with these issues you are facing!

Feel free to reply, HOPE i helped you some.
Sincerely, Brianne



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