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19 Replies
XxTonixX - November 10

Iv recently been diagnoised with polycistic ovaries, i went to the doctors because me and my partner couldnt conceive and i found out i had this, I was jus wondering if anyone else has this and knows of any best ways to get pregnant? any advice is welcome.


shel85 - November 12

i have this im 25 been trying for a year and a half i take a herbal tablet Soy Isoflavones its ment to be for Menopause but its proven to help you ovulate, have my fertility appotiment in 3 weeks


didi - January 3

I have this, and have been unsuccessful after trying for 4 years. Could you tel me if that herbal tablet works. I've not had a period either sincee July - Thank you


NKE - January 16

I was diagnoised with it when i was 16 and now i'm 24 and currently trying for a baby, i haven't had a period since July either and and i am feeling really depressed. I'm hoping to go to the doctors and be started on medication soon to help me ovulate. Can anyone advice on what is the best couse of treatment is and how long it may take to get pregant?


mrsw - January 22

Hi, my Dr thinks I have PCOS, but keeps sending me for scans before confirming. Everyone seems to report lack of periods, whereas I am the opposite. My last period lasted 7 weeks, and I am currently 2 weeks into my current period. Has anyone else experienced this?


biz2011 - February 28

Hi guys,

I also have pcos, i was diagnosed a year ago and have been trying to get pregnant for over three years. Once diagnosed with pcos, my gyneocologist has sent me to have a hsg scan but that can only take place, by ringing the hospital on the day of your period. i have not come on my period for three months 30th of november 2010, was my last cycle. After discussing this ,my doc has perscribed progestrone tablets for a fortnight and after 4 days i shud get my period then book my hsg scan. This scan determines if your fallopian tubes are blocked. I suggest you ask your docs to have this scan.

gudluck xxxx


liana77 - March 1

hi there, i was diagnosed with pcos 2 yrs ago after trying to conceive for about 1yr. i have been thru all the test that pcos need, fallopian tube x-ray, clomid, but unsuccessful. but recently i had a gd news that did not last for long. i'm pregnant!!! but its an ectopic pregnancy which has to be removed as it has ruptured my right side fallopian tube. anybody with pcos has successful pregnancy?


biz2011 - March 2

Hi Liana

Im so sorry to hear about your etopic pregnancy. I cant imagine how your feeling. hugs :)

My sister has pcos and had a cyst she missed a couple of months and was told my her docter she had no chance of getting oregnant., when she went for a scan to get the cyst removed they discovered there was a pregnancy also and she wasnt even trying.

So without doubt i believe you will get pregnant- i also know a friend who had a ectopic pregnancy like yourself and know has a beautiful baby. Dnt stop trying and do not lose faith. We all deserve to be parents.

Currently I am on these progestrone tablets and lately feeling so depressed and sorry for myself. I have ordered this book from amazon pcos and your fertility- by colette harris. Its made me get out of bed and made me feel alot better. It has many success story's in it which give you some faith. Chin up love xxhopefully all this will make us value our children much more xxx


mrsw - March 17


Liana, Im so sorry to hear that. As Biz2011 says there are success stories, so keep positive x

Biz2011, I might ask for this HSG scan then. I have now had 2 internal examinations/scans and whilst my blood tests indicated PCOS, apparently the scans don't. They saw some very small cysts and said my ovaries were slightly enlarged.
I am still none the wiser, but so frustrated! Whilst everyone talks about lack of periods, mine now won't go away. I have currently been on now for nearly 4 weeks, and it is really getting me down. It is so heavy, and whilst this sounds gross, I worry sometimes about how much blood and things I am losing.
My Dr has said come back in 3 months!



biz2011 - March 29

Hi mrsw

aww poor you periods have stopped. the hsg scan is a dye test to see if the fallopian tubes are damaged as your on your period i think it might be pointless. However i would differnatly ask your gp to refer you to a specialist. Gyneo as they are specialist in fertility issues. Hope all works out for all of us.

Lots of baby wishes xxxx


Pmmy16 - March 29

I too have PCOS and my husband and I have been trying for a baby for over three years now with no sucess to date Ive had every scan you can think of been on Clomid and Metiformin but no luck I cant remember the last time I had a period...Ive also had two Lap and Dye operations and everything was normal Im 5"2 and weigh 90kgs (14 st) so the doctor wants me to get to 80kgs before he will do Ovarian Drilling has anyone went through that procedure and if so were you sucessful
Hugs and Kisses all we will get there (",) xx


mrsw - July 8


Thought I would update on my earlier posts.

After becoming anaemic a few weeks ago due to my heavy and prolonged periods, Ive now used my private medical insurance and gone to a private gyno.

They think I do have PCOS but the issue with my heavy / prolonged periods is due to my endometrium lining in the womb being too thick, so I have to go in for some form of camera biopsy.

I am trying to be positive but when I try researching things you always see the negative.

Has anyone else heard of such problems?


MrsMoreton - July 12

I have PCOS and haven't used any contraception for 2 years. Although we weren't actively trying to get pregnant, it never happened. I am on metformin tablets which are helping to regulate my periods, but there is not a regular pattern as yet.
We now are ready to start a family and my GP has advised me to lose weight, I am 17st 7 and 5'5". Does anyone have any tips on good foods or diets to follow?
Thanks xxx


Uma Saema - July 21

Hello, Have you thought of giving acupuncture a try? I am an acupuncturist :) I can't say that it works for everyone but I have had some good results. At the moment, one of my patients has PCOS and has been on metformine & clomid neither of which worked. She has been seeing me for 6 weeks and she is pregnant now. Might be worth giving it a go...I'm happy to answer any questions you have on Chinese medicine & acupuncture.


MrsMoreton - July 21

Thank you Uma, I will definately consider it :) I have started a new diet and am trying some aerobic exercise 3 to 4 times a week at the moment, my doctor recommended the exercise as a way of helping with ovulaton.
If I do decide to try accupunture I will come to you for some advice, Thank you again x


mrsw - July 22


I am booked in for a Hysteroscopy on Thursday to try and get to the bottom of the issue of my heavy periods, and to determine wether it is PCOS. Has anyone ever had this procedure?

Uma - Do you have many patients coming to you who are struggling to conceive? What do you think it is about acupuncture that helps?



sunshinebeauty - July 26

Hi Uma,
As I have irregular periods im not sure abt my ovulation. Do u think acupuncture can regularise my cycle?
Im planning to join acupuncture, before that pls give some idea and tips.




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