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19 Replies
sunshinebeauty - July 26

Hi Uma,
As I have irregular periods im not sure abt my ovulation. Do u think acupuncture can regularise my cycle?
Im planning to join acupuncture, before that pls give some idea and tips.



Gravity - August 23


I've been diagnosed with PCO a while back. Never thought much about ut until 14 months ago when started TTC. A few months ago we changed FS. He tested DH as well. The result: DH added to the complications with only a 5% morphology.
Our first IUI was unsuccessful....found out today.
I'm in desperate need of a little bit of hope, please.



mrsw - August 27

Hi All,

Well, I had a Hysteroscopy and they found a Polyp which has been removed, and the gyno thought this was causing my heavy periods.

I have been given Metformin to take which I am about to start taking. Does anyone know if this will stop my heavy periods, because they are still heavy despite the polyp being removed.



Lillith Immaculate - September 9

Hi I'm new to this forum and came here out of desperation. For years I had heavy heavy periods, but regularly. I had a gynae cyst removed 10 years ago. But no diagnosis. I gained some weight, not a massive amount but enough to need to take action. I'm 45, started my periods aged 10 and a half, and in the last two years started to get facial hair.

So I go to the drs a few years back ref the period, it was dismissed as 'some women get this, here are some pills for when it's really bad". I moved, new dr, ref ommission of periods altogether, several pregnancy tests later, all negative, she sends me off for blood tests.

High in courtisone, ? glandular, query PCOS, ? early onset menaupause. At last.... I go and see the specialist. Not high enough count in any of the tests, so nothing he or his clinic can do. Go home lose 10% of body fat/weight, and see how it goes. Says is almost definately PCOS on lower scale of diagnosis.

I go on a diet, nothing. I get the PMS but not the period for 8 months. Then I decide to really attack the weight, take on a new job I can walk to, and wooosh the period from hell. Some warning, worst two days of pms ever, and now clotting, flooding pads, and dreading the night time. So I'm happy to keep losing weight, it's only natural to enjoy fitting into to your clothes and feeling brighter. But I've read if I continue to lose weight, and reach a lower limit the really bad heaviness I used to get when I was younger will return.

sorry is such a long post, but desperate, feeling anaemic, tired, and fed up.... I will go back to the dr but hate being told I am unique and an on going msystery, they'll suggest more bloodtests, and say it's stress levles, I just want to know what diet to follow, what lifestyle to follow to achieve some balance.

Thanks in advance. x



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