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6 Replies
vicki1710 - March 17

hi i was just wondering if there are people on here who have this condition and trouble with falling pregnant thanks x


YasmineSA - April 25

Hi Vicki1710
I have PCOS, I am 21 nearing on 22 and was diagnosed with it at 16. My husband and I have been ttc for 18months now and no luck as I don't always ovulate but been trying Agnus Castus and seems to have sorted my body out. So we are in a more positive mood this time round. Hope this helped.


july18 - May 14

i have this i have been trying for around 3 years and also tried agnus cactus which have been on for about 7 months yet i have not conceived but has seem to help my menstrual cycles become more regular


brihaven - May 16

Hi, Im new to this, diagnosed in 2001, tried for 8 years with my ex, been trying with my new partner. but told today that i wont get fertility treatment on NHS because he has 2 children (14 and 18) from a previous relationship.

what is Agnus Castus? not heard of this.
Any help would be appreciated. also been told that accupincture is good.


yasminesa - May 17

Hi ladies,
Well just to update you all cd 1 was 11 april, ov on 23 april af was due 8 may nothing and negative test on 8th, 10 th and 15th but lots of preggo signs so just letting my body do it's thing and wait.
To Brihaven Agnus Castus is a herb that women with pcos can take to regulate their menstural cycle as it balances the horomines allowing you to oveulate naturally and in turn this reduces cysts. Can get it from holland and barratts, I have also tried evening primorose oil and black cohosh but these didn't work for me. Accupuncture is great and it helped me relax, give it a go.


brihaven - May 17

Hi Yasminesa, thanks for the info, i noticed in the other thread about pcos that you said you take it fro day 1 to ovulation. I dont have any periods so no actual cycle. CanI still take Agnus Castus?


yasminesa - May 19

Hi Brihaven,
What I did was I took Agnus Castus continuesly throughout no breaks,(whilst using protection not trying to conceive) until I got a pattern it only took 2 months before I got it i a regular cycle of 28 days. Hope this helps.



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