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PCOS, Possible Adenomyosis and Fluid...HELP PLEASE!!!!
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KatyC - April 15

Hello ladies,

I could really do with some advice, help or stories of anyones similar experiences.

I am 21 years old, no children. I was on the pill for 2 years from age 18-20. I have now been off the pill for a year and a half and in the last year and a half I have had irregular, painful and some missed periods. Also I have pain in my tummy area, near my ovaries - twinges and sharp pains when i cough or laugh sometimes. I have also had a 'thrush' like discharge constantly for the last 3 years (which is not thrush as this has been tested for and rulled out!)

So i recently took myself off to the doctors for all of these reasons. I have had STI checks, they are all fine. A Blood test which shows i have slightly high levels of the Androgen hormone (a male hormone) which indicated PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome).

Today I had a transvaginal ultrasound and the women who did the scan said she could see:

1. Mild PCOS on the left ovary.
2. A Small cyst on the right ovary.
3. Possible Andenomyosis as one side of the uterus lining is thicker than the other and i have been having painful and heavy periods - which indicates it could be this. But she said I may need more tests to diagnose.
4. Fluid in uterus/pelvis, more than would be normally expected which would usually indicate an infections but i ahve been tested for all STIs and all tests came back fine.

So... while I wait 2 weeks to meet with my doctor , i could really do with some advise on any/all of the areas above!

I'm now feeling completely overloaded with Medical terms and facts, and have no idea what this means for my body, my health and my life. Also, me and my long term partner want nothing more than to have a family...could this be at risk?.

Sorry for the essay and all advice would be much appreciated

Thank you
A much worried and infomation overloaded, Katy x



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