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pill user in conceiving...
17 Replies
femme1979 - November 2

i am a pill user for almost 10 years now. just recently i will be marrying my long-time bf and have this fear that i might have a very hard time conceiving due to a long-term usage of pill. is there any connections about it?


phoebe - November 2

i myself is a self-confessed pill long-term user and haven't experienced to have a hard pregnancy.


tracy - November 2

i don't think it could harm you or rather make it harder for you to conceive. there is no basis for that.


dianne - November 2

no evidence that long-term use of pill will cause you to be infertile.


elijah - November 2

in fact, there is a study about that issue that about 74% of those women who have been a long-term pill user conceived within 6 months and the rest of those percentage conceives after a year.


deborah - November 2

well, sometimes there are chances that it will really affect you. my friend have that kind of problem and mind you, not only she had become imfertile, she also developed a cyst in her ovary.


sheena - November 2

that's scary, yes maybe sometimes there are instances that it would really affect your fertility.


ashley - November 2

well, it wouldn't make you any lesser to be infertile but it would only delay your conception.


harlem - November 2

this doesn't mean you will be infertile. this has been associated only with those complications that a pill may cause you.


betsy - November 2

just like what harlem? yes i've heard that kind of explanation but haven't take it seriously.


harlem - November 2

it would actually cause you ovarian and uterine cancers, just like deborah mentioned a while ago with her friend who has a cyst. that cyst might develop into cancer.


aida - November 2

yes, exactly. also it would complicate you to have endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy and pelvic inflammatory disease.


we_women - November 2

it would never be harmful unless if your usage will be in an abusive way.


viktoria - November 2

A: if you happen in planning to conceive and you are a pill user, you better stop taking the pill for 2 to 3 months before trying the chance to have a baby.


trista - November 2

yes that is correct. sometimes if you don't stop using pill or you abruptly stop taking the pill and you wanted to have a baby, chances are you might have the higher risk of miscarriage.


sandy - November 2

doctors would have to advice you to have a one natural period before trying to conceive.


zyger - November 2

that is best so that you will be sure enough that by the time you are conceiving, you will have a healthy pregnancy.



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