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planning for an adoption
7 Replies
chevy30 - December 4

hi guys, i am chevy and i just found out this forum site while browsing over the net to look for a community where i can post my concerns. i would like some comments, suggestions and opinions about my concern and all your posts are very much welcome. my concern is i would like to adopt a child, i admit that i am a bit desperate now of not having my own child for almost 7 years but then i would love to have a child even if i might have a successful pregnancy. what do you think guys?


dianne - December 4

premature baby happens to have a not fully formed organs in his body and most likely are very prone to have medical problems.


hyacinth - December 4

it is ok to adopt as long as you are mentally, emotionally and financially ready.


felicia - December 7

but adopting is easier said than done. you should have to consider some several factors in adopting a child.


lady - December 7

adopting is a very effective way to complete a couples' dream of having a complete family especially when the are having the inability to become parents and have a biological connection kid to them


keisha - December 7

absence of a child in a family is a mourning period of parents and an adopted child that also may have been mourning for the loss of having a parent may be a help to get through in having a family of his/her own.


balsy - December 7

but adopting can also lead to problems whether you like it or not. say you adopted a child that is having a health condition, that could pretty hard.


PureAdam - December 21

Have you considered the option of sperm donation if it is the male fertility factor which is an obstacle to conception?

PureAdam is a new website where people can find a perfect match for donation by searching profiles and sending messages.

It is free to join and we have a growing number of members. Just google us to find the site.

If you do go ahead with adoption good luck and be patient in your quest for a child as the adoption process can be a slow one.



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