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jeyJey - October 15

Hi, everyone. I’ve decided to post here because I have a problem and don’t know how to solve it. Firstly, some words about myself. I’m 36 years old and I have a very tough Asherman’s syndrome. Actually, I got this illness after the last abortion. I had to do it because of my kidney problems. It was the first time I got pregnant, and I was really sorry to do it…. However, I have eggs of good quality. I can become mum if we find a surro mum for our baby. Both my husband and I live in UK. Surrogacy is allowed here, but a surrogate mother can claim her rights for the baby. We don’t have any close friends or relatives who would agree to carry and give birth to our child and we’re afraid to deal with strangers. We decided to find a surro mum in Ukraine. The laws of this country allow commercial surrogacy, and surrogates can’t claim their rights for the baby of the intended parents. We contacted one Ukrainian clinic. It was Biotexcom. The clinic is situated in Kiev, the capital city. It has quite a lot of positive feedbacks. However, when we came to Kiev, we were really puzzled with the things we saw there. There were large queues to each doctor’s office. We had to wait nearly two hours before the clinic’s representatives met us. My husband and I didn’t like it very much!!!! When we asked the administrator why we had to wait so long, she advised us to come another day or consult another clinic. I think it was extremely impolite. My husband wanted to leave the clinic, but I asked him to wait. Finally, when we met our manager and the clinic’s doctor, they didn’t seem friendly either. They talked very formally. Of course, we didn’t like all these moments and weren’t ready to sign up a contract with this clinic. Now we are at home and thinking of our our further steps. From the one hand, there were loads of things we didn’t like about Biotexcom. In other Ukrainian clinic the things were quite different. Extremely polite and friendly administrator, very understandable and sympathizing doctor and empty clinic hall. There were no queues and noise. The atmosphere is very calm and even frightening. Is there anybody here who has already dealt with Biotexcom and Isida (the name of the other Ukrainian clinic)? Can you share your impressions with me? I will gladly appreciate everything: clues, tips, life stories…


sweetcake - October 20

Hi, Jey Jey! Really sorry for you! If you don’t feel comfortable with the clinic, you can always quit it and try another one. If I were in your shoes, I would check their success rates. I think it’s the most important criteria in choosing a clinic. You may find a nice staff and smiling doctor, but they will charge you for nothing. I wish you good luck dear! Xxx


jeyJey - October 28

I’ve chosen this clinic because they had quite a lot of favorable feedback on various fertility forums. I even talked with one woman who used to be their former patient and she told me about her positive experience of dealing with them. I also visited several reputable internet resources where I could read good feedbacks about this clinic. All in all, it’s ok. The only thing that makes me nervous is large queues and unfriendly staff. I think they could serve their patients much better. Nevertheless, I saw lots of people there. I reckon people wouldn’t choose them if they were scammers.


sweetcake - October 31

Dear, why you’ve chosen Ukraine? As far as I know, this country is at war now. Is it really safe to go there? It’s in deep economic crisis. You need to know Russian or Ukrainian to communicate with the clinic’s representatives. Do you know any of these languages? Maybe, you have some friend s there who would help you?


jeyJey - November 5

I decided to contact Bitotexcom cause I’ve found quite a lot of favorable feedbacks about it on various fertility forums. Its former patients praised its fertility specialists. For me, it was the key moment why I decided to visit it. All in all, our visit to Kiev was quite enjoyable. We were met at the airport by the clinic's representatives: an interpreter and a driver. Then we were taken to a cozy apartment in the city center. We were also provided with meals. Of course, all these things were quite enjoyable. Kiev seemed to be a quiet and European city. We even did a small sightseeing tour organized by the clinic’s manager. Nevertheless, the things in the clinic weren’t so good. We had to stay in a queue rather long. I took loads of energy. Both me and my husband got tired and very much annoyed about this. And the clinic’s administrator didn’t turn to be friendly…. She even didn’t want to listen to our complaints. It was so impolite and rude of her to act in such way…


CandyK - November 15

Hi, jeyjey. The clinic representatives shouldn’t behave like this. It’s impolite to make patients wait in the queue. I don’t think the clinic administrator should be extremely sympathizing and soothing one. She communicates with people who are in a real trouble. Dear, if you don’t like this clinic, you may always quit them… I would also like to ask you about the eggs they offer you? Are they fresh or frozen?
P.S. As far as I know, IVFs with fresh eggs have higher success rates than with frozen ones.


jeyJey - November 17

Hi, CandyK! You are quite right! I’m sure the clinic’s staff should have behaved more politely when we visited them for the first time. However, the clinic uses fresh eggs for their egg donation programs. You take birth control pills to synchronize your periods with the donor’s ones. Then you come to Kieve for the second time on the exact day to pick up your hubby’s sperm, fertilize the donor’s eggs and transfer embryos into your uterus. This is how egg donation is done in that clinic.


CandyK - November 23

Sounds great! But how are they going to find a donor for you? I mean is possible to do this? As far as I understand, each person is a unique one. Even twins have some differences. You’re going to give to a child who isn’t genetically yours. Are you ready for this?


jeyJey - November 29

Yes, the baby won’t be genetically mine. I know this!!!! But I will love him greatly cause it will be my husband’s baby. Before going to Ukraine for the first time, we’ve passed them a short description of the woman whom we consider to be an ideal donor for us. The clinic’s representatives told us that they have a large donors database. They’ll use a special software to find a donor for us. If we sign up a contract, we’ll be able to see a 3D photo of a woman.


CandyK - December 4

It’s really nice that you’ll be able to see the donor’s photo. But will the clinic charge any fees for seeing the photo. As far as I know, fertility clinics like to charge additional fees from their clients. Does Biotexcom do the same? I mean will you have to pay some additional fees for various medical tests?
P.S. I have a close friend who passed her ED program in Spain. The initial price of the program was ok, but they charged so much of her for additional tests…


jeyJey - December 10

I don’t think they would charge any additional fees from us. According to the contract we’re to sign up, we have to pay a fixed sum. It means no additional fees will be charged from us. I think, it’s really convenient. However, the clinic charges fines from its clients. The patients have to do all medical tests exactly on time. Otherwise, they’ll have to pay fines. Do you think it’s fair?


MissP - December 18

Hi, girls! My DH and I also have some problems with TTC. Actually, both of my ovaries don’t work properly, and I can’t produce a good oocytes to conceive a child. We tried several IVFs and none of them gave a positive result. Now we think of trying an IVF with a donor egg. We decided to contact one Ukrainian clinic and get our program there. So is it safe to visit Ukraine now?
P.S. As far as I know, this country is at war now…


jeyJey - December 25

We visited Biotexcom. It’s a Ukrainian reproductive clinic and it’s situated in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. We liked this city a lot. It was totally safe and peaceful. When we came to Kiev, we were met at the airport by the clinic’s representatives. They provided us with a comfortable apartment and free meals. Every day, the driver came to our apartment to give us a lift to the clinic. It was really handy. I advise you to check how the things are done with your clinic.


lakewoman - December 29

Hi, ladies. I decided to join this thread cause I need your advice. I’m going to cycle soon with donor’s oocytes. Our egg donation program will start next month. Now I’m getting ready for this. I plan to take some vitamins to enhance my chances to conceive. Should I do this?


jeyJey - January 7

Hi, lakewoman. Nice to meet you, dear! I don’t think you should do anything without consulting a fertility specialist. He’s the one who would tell you whether to take certain vitamins or not. I think it’s better to do all necessary tests and then he’ll prescribe or won’t prescribe you vitamins. Before visiting our clinic for the first time, we did quite a lot of tests. I’ve passed several blood and hormone tests and did an ultrasound check. My hubby did a sperm test. I think you should also do some tests and then you’ll see whether you need to take any vitamins or not.


lakewoman - January 12

Oh, I see, hun… I think I wouldn’t take any vitamins without consulting a fertility specialist. Yesterday, I phoned my fertility specialist and he gave me the entire list of tests we have to do. I plan to do the first blood test tomorrow. In two days, my hubby will do a sperm test. Hun, will you visit that clinic? Di you phone them?


jeyJey - January 20

To tell the truth, we haven’t made our mind yet. The clinic’s representatives phoned us several weeks ago and offered to visit Kiev one more time. We told them about the things we disliked during our visit to Kiev. The clinic’s client manager apologized and told us that they plan to open three more offices in Kiev to serve their clients better. If we decide to visit them one more time, they’ll appoint a new program manager who would plan our visits to the clinic much better. I think we need time to think. The clinic seems to be really an effective one, so we may visit them later I guess.



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