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jeyJey - January 20

To tell the truth, we haven’t made our mind yet. The clinic’s representatives phoned us several weeks ago and offered to visit Kiev one more time. We told them about the things we disliked during our visit to Kiev. The clinic’s client manager apologized and told us that they plan to open three more offices in Kiev to serve their clients better. If we decide to visit them one more time, they’ll appoint a new program manager who would plan our visits to the clinic much better. I think we need time to think. The clinic seems to be really an effective one, so we may visit them later I guess.


sairaiftikhar146 - April 13

I thinkl you should not go there


vorel02 - February 28

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ginger22 - May 18

Hey there! I think to go there or not is a personal choice. I mean if you guys don't feel comfortable then you should check some other clinic. I remember when we went for our surrogacy to Ukraine. We were really hesitant at the beginning. But the clinic staff was so much friendly. They had given us each and every facility to make us feel home. This was one of the main reasons that made this journey a lot easier. I wish you best of luck. Cheers!


Jennaspence - May 19

This is a very strange review. I do respect your views though. Now let's see what actually went wrong there. Honey, I have heard that the clinic is great. Th reason for long queues can be the popularity. It is such a busy clinic. I have heard so many people from around the globe visit this clinic. I am sure that is why it was crowded and the other one was not. Also, I dont know what to say about the administration. My own friend went there. She couldn't stop talking about how amazing everything there was. She was in love with the administration. I guess it was a bad day maybe. Whatever it was. It is your call to make. I am sure you will make a wise decision.



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