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please please give any advice you may have!!!!!!!!!!????????
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nse777 - March 23

Hi we need your help, my husband and i have been trying for a baby for 3+ years now he is 40 and i am 34, I have PCOS we have both had tests and my husband is fine i am the problem i've been told to lose weight which i have been (tho now i have reached a plateau) i have had many tests an ultrasound and transvaginal scan which all looked normal tho ovaries were polycystic looking (which i already knew) last may i had a laparoscopy and dye which showed my tubes to be normal and a few months after that i think oct the consultant said i was able to try clomid to see if that would stimulate my ovairies and help us conceive well shortly after this i started bleeding(spotting in between periods too) I took two cycles of the clomid before my gp said to stop taking them to see if this would stop the spotting it didnt, in jan i went back to my consultant who said he was going to send me for an emergency hysteroscopy, which i had beginning of feb, and i would also be put on the waiting list for IUI which was excellent news for us, and in the meantime i would restart clomid but since having my hysteroscopy 9th feb nothing more has been said about IUI or restarting clomid i have just been told that i have to go back to my consultant in 3 months time for my hysteroscopy results from the biopsy they took although i was told at the time that everything looked quite healthy. We are so confused and dont know what to do next i think i am getting on my hubbys nerves as i am fretting about things and im fretting because as people keep reminding me i am not getting any younger, also it seems like at the minute that everywhere i look people are saying oohh im pregnant, or hey guess whos pregnant, or just had a baby etc and i keep thinking when is it going to be my turn i am so so upsset right now and really need as much help and advice as anyone can give me please please please???? thank you x x



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