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positive but faint...
25 Replies
charlotte - December 17

my husband and i were married for almost a year from there we've been patiently trying and are of course excited to have a successful one. recently, i had a myself done pregnancy test and to my surprise i saw a line indicating a positive sign. the problem is that, is it really normal to have a faint positive results on my pregnancy test? am i just expecting it to be positive? was it a sign of unreliable outcome test? please help...


sheena - December 17

i myself know that pregnancy test kits are accurate and straight forward and i think that there must be a mistake there.


eureka - December 17

guess you have done the wrong way, never encountered that kind of incident and rarely, i think it happens to number of women who are using it.


kursteen - December 17

yes i am kinda amazed with the result too. you know, using it is so simple you just need to pee on the stick and wait just about a couple of minutes to know if you are positive or negative. that's it!


]]kelly[[ - December 17

well you know guys sometimes or very seldom test results aren't just as always clear as we expected.


akiko - December 17

what could be the process you've done before you used it? did you happen to read the label carefully and understood how to used it?


janina - December 18

yes and will even lead us to confusion but she was asking about a faint positive. i don't what is the cause of it too.


phoebe - December 18

the work of home pregnancy test kit will detect the hormone hCG levels from the urine.


jackie - December 18

you only get a clear positive result if there is a successful fertilized egg that was implanted in your uterus. this can be visible for about 6-10 days after your ovulation.


claudia - December 18

if you assumed that the test is correct and have a faint positive line and think you're pregnant?


sandy - December 18

as the level of your hCG doubles in day by day basis, then the longer you will wait to test it more clearer and the results will get accurate too.


brenda - December 18

i have learned that when you have a faint positive result, you need to wait for a couple of days first before doing another test to ensure that you will be getting the clearer result.


patrice - December 18

but what do you guys know about the cause of getting a faint positive result?


zhiba - December 18

maybe because you opted to read instructions. sometimes when you are so excited and you just tend to forget everything else but to hurdle on the test right away.


tracy - December 18

yeah, maybe that could be a possible cause too. that is why it is important to read instructions first even if you already have an idea on how to do it, still the best is to read labels at all cost so the results won't be compromise.


felicia - December 18

or, the fact that the moment you put urine on it, was insufficient and it will cause to produce an unclear result. do some re-testing to help you solve the issues.


Portia - December 18

maybe because you are really excited and you did the test right away. if the test is done too early and the level of hormone is insufficiently present in your urine then it wouldn't give you any good clear result.



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