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problems for second-smoke inflicting fertility issues
16 Replies
abigail - September 25

is it true that when you are around smokers, basically you become second-hand smoker you are prone in having fertility issues?


eureka - September 25

nerve-wrecking! how true could that be. my partner smokes all the time and i wonder this could one trigger us from not having a baby.


maya - September 25

it is so true that for all we know that second-hand smoke are much more prone to illness than the smoker himself. those women who are exposed to smokers are much more likely having difficulty in conceiving as to those who are not.


girl2woman - September 25

definitely true. there is a study about thisthat about 11% of those women experienced difficulty getting pregnant.


sheena - September 25

my cousin is a chain-smoker. she and her husband are smokers and i am glad this topic was opened up so i could actually refer her to this forum site. she can learn so many things from this and i hope this would enlightened her mind to stop smoking.


janina - September 25

good deal sheena. let her get in in this forum before things would go worse.


harlem - September 25

don't you know that among 1 of every 3 women suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth being exposed to those people around you that are smokers. the sad part is, you can't just pinpoint anyone to blame, unless if it's just around your own home.


hevia - September 25

in addition to that, during your childhood and adulthood, with being exposed to second-hand smoker, 39% higher chance of suffering miscarriage. about 68% will have the higher chance to suffer and struggled in conceiving...


we_women - September 25

there are so many studies made about this second-hand smoke and are proven true and relevant information. second-hand smoke has many toxic substances that will affect female reproductive health. this could damage cell genetic material, inhibition of hormones which are required for conception and to have a smooth pregnancy. the high risk of miscarriage adds up to that.


mandy - September 29

this problems have been very rampant and it seems to increase year by year.


sylvia - September 29

exactly, the sad part is, sometimes this cases are tolerated the most.


cassandra - September 29

cigarette is such a very dangerous vice most especially to expectant mothers, this is a "NO NO". the toxic substance of this material could affect female reproductive health.


elayza - September 29

it damages your cell genetic material. pregnant women could have complications and if successfully can bear child, the RISK is with the infant who would get some health issues later on.


gretchen - September 29

can you just let your child take the risk of that? huh, you wouldn't want your child to have health problems at all right guys?

even if you just breath the smoke, this could have lasting effects in you.


epiphany - September 29

exactly, this could lead even beyond your pregnancy period and infant-hood.


matilda - September 29

there is also a recent study that smoking during pregnancy increases your child to develop serious cancer later in life. you can't afford to happen that to your kid if you will be a mom, aren't you... that is sad...


patrice - September 29

whether having infertility problems
you already have that problem
rather already pregnant,

it is still not best to smoke. generally speaking, smoking is very very dangerous to your health in all aspect.



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