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several babies in a row
19 Replies
Tatianna - December 18

is true that having couple of babies like 4 in about 4 years could be dangerous?


janina - December 18

problems may occur to your baby on having a short length or interval that is particularly about 6 months or less.


mercy - December 18

they said that the mother's health may be at risk too.


lacey - December 18

the risk is most likely visible to the second or next baby to born. baby might have low weight and can be smaller compared to those babies that are conceived a year or almost 2 years after having the previous pregnancy.


sarrah - December 18

according to the experts, the mother's body should need to recover from the previous stress that was brought by the last pregnancy.


Sharee - December 18

it is because you should have to replenish first the body's nutrients to get ready for the next baby.


xxladydreamxx - December 18

actually it is not really that harmful though but if you think it very deeply, somehow your body needs to relax from pressure of giving birth. having it in a row is just like you are risking your health further.


joy - December 18

those young mums tend to have their babies in close.


keisha - December 18

some just really want that way because it will be more likely that they can get to grow together and play as together as well where the age isn't that far from each other.


noreen.07 - December 18

i have that in mind too. taking care of them at the same time will give me more space to do my thing when they already grow up.


arci_mun - December 18

but if all babies in a row for 3 or 4 years, this can be very exhausting.


belinda - December 18

and the fact that you need to take care of them all the time, at the very same time. isn't that stressful?


margie - December 18

short interval of having babies can make your uterus lining to get thinner and thinner and you can't revive the nutrients that you need in your body.


yen - December 18

i had this read over the internet about woman who have 3 babies in 3 years and she had experienced severe bleeding after the 3rd baby.


leticia - December 20

the uterus can be so stressed up and yet you can't just let that happen to you.


maya - December 20

internal bleeding? what could be the main reason?


felicia - December 20

the short interval pregnancies is associated with some adverse outcome of perinatal, pregnancy may poorly end up.



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