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Sperm donors (donors being advertised celebrity look-a-likes
2 Replies
Emma G - November 6

Hi there, I am a journalism student and I have joined this forum in the hope that some of you will be able to help me. I am currently writing an article on the topic of sperm donors, and how a sperm bank in LA has started to advertise its donors as the celebrity they most likely resemble.

I understand that this is an extremely sensitive subject matter, which is certainly rather contraversial and I would be very greatful if you could voice your opinions on the topic.

Is this method helping a very complicated process, instead of spending hours working through lists of statistics? Or is it simply an in-sensitive marketing scheme?

Thankyou very much, Emma


we_women - November 11

somehow this topic is a bit sensitive but let us just open our eyes to the possibility that there are these ways on how to help out women with fertility issues solve their problems. take for example this sperm banks. as to advertising about sperm bank and their donors, there are so many ways to market their scheme but most likely it is still not a good idea to make it sound like selling. yes, looking for donors is really a sensitive matters for us women but i would prefer that these sperm banks just like you've mentioned the one in LA would have to consider the sensitivity a woman would go through. thanks.


Emma G - November 12

I agree it should not be made into 'selling', this is wht I have found disturbing take a look at the intro to the website:

Have you ever wondered if your favorite donor looks like anyone famous? You know how tall he is and his hair and eye color, but wouldn't it be great to have an idea of what he really LOOKS like?

Now you can find out with a CLICK of your mouse!

I am concerned at the idea that people desperate for children would really care that much about how their child will look. Also, if the child does not look as expected would it be loved less?



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