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the male infertility issues
10 Replies
adonis - October 2

i am about to get so frustrated about this whole thing. my wife and i went to the doctor to let her have fertility check. glad to know, she is fine. now i am scared to get check too coz i am having this feeling that i am the one who's having this problem... :(


felicia - October 2

hi adonis, this is a fair illness to both sexes whether you are male or female, you have no escape on this matter. so why don't you just go to the doctor and have some check. it is more important to know earlier so you could decide and get treated if incase you are having infertility issues.


claudia - October 2

adonis, felicia was right. you should not be scared but rather be aware of this.


epiphany - October 2

just like female infertility, male could have this fertility problems too and mind you this can caused by a number of factors.


belinda - October 2

exactly your point. you guys may have problem that will interfere your ability to supply sperm or having the sperm getting to get where it needs to be.


Sharee - October 2

sometimes guys tend to blame women of not bearing or conceiving child. a couple of them are not aware that it happens that problem starts with them. they should learn about this so that they will understand why.


adonis - October 2

is that so? ugh, that makes me more scared to know the fact about guys being infertile. i hope i won't freak out.


dorphie - October 2

we guys need to be aware. this isn't needed to be feared of. you know what adonis, it happens almost 30% of us guys and it's not new either.


yen - October 2

when you have surgery history too. that could be one more thing to think about. especially when you have it in your groin or in your abdomen. surgery can somehow damage parts of your reproductive system.


spice - October 2

exactly it does. just be sure you have yourself checked before anything else... take the doctors advice.


chavie - October 2

a couple of factors are needed to know so you would be aware of. take chances to know your family history adonis. if a men in your family have infertility problems, then maybe you sort of getting that too.



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