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the problem of ectopic pregnancy
33 Replies
may0311 - December 4

so what are the symptoms? how are we able to know that we have an ectopic pregnancy? how are this supposed to be diagnosed?


jhellie - December 4

usually symptoms of conceiving is same as having an ectopic pregnancy for the first few weeks. but the key signs to differentiate the status of the normal pregnancy from having an ectopic pregnancy is when you are already experiencing belly pain or pelvic cramps and some bleeding in your vagina.


akiko - December 4

best to always go to your doctor when you are having the feeling that you are pregnant.


violah - December 4

if you most likely happen to have an extopic pregnancy, a diagnostic test will surely help you out to confirm. have your pelvic check for examination so that the doctor will know the size of your uterus and checking the growths and the tenderness of your belly too.


leonore - December 4

another is having a blood test to check the level of your pregnancy hormone or what they call the hCG. this will later be done again after two days prior to the examination made.


cassiopeia - December 4

an ultrasound can predict too right? because i've read it over an article that you can have ultrasound to also determine if you have an ectopic pregnancy. pictures can show what is inside your belly. a doctor may know from the picture about your pregnancy in your uterus 6 weeks after you have your last menstruation.


jireh_li - December 4

most of the common treatment for ectopic pregnancy is through medicine and of course surgery.


mercy - December 4

yes it's right, the doctor will have to treat it right away.


Portia - December 4

if the ectopic pregnancy found earlier than it seems, doctors used medicine to treat it. a medicine called methotrexate is used given to the patient for one or more shots to end the pregnancy.


leilani - December 4

i know this one can avoid you from getting surgery but then again, medications like this have side effects.


zaida - December 4

that is why it is still needed to get some follow-ups from your doctor. you don't do this one time only. some blood tests are still needed to know that the medicine really works for you.


ashley - December 4

if i were to have an ectopic pregnancy, i would go for a surgery.


balsy - December 4

you choose surgery when you are pregnant for about your first few weeks. there are a lot of testimonials that surgery is a lot more safer and works well rather than medicine and almost all of those patients who have to have an ectopic pregnancy undergone a surgery.


saishee - December 4

LAPAROSCOPY, that is the surgery and done by one or more small incisions to your belly. but if such case that you need to have an emergency incision, then it might need a larger incision.


yen - December 4

i guess, for me, having an ectopic pregnancy is a tough one especially when it is your first time expecting to be a mother.


icah - December 4

this one's really tough though and losing a pregnancy can drown you to depression and the discouragement to try again.



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