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the problem of smoking in fertility
19 Replies
vernie - December 9

i know that it is not advisable for those who want to get pregnant to smoke and that this will affect the chance of conceiving. i need to know the information on this. anyone?


marci - December 9

definitely it will affect not only the baby but also to your health.


viktoria - December 9

smoking in all aspect is very dangerous to our health. it doesn't not only apply to those who are pregnant and wants to get pregnant but also to anyone.


brenda - December 9

if you are going to decide to have a baby, then you are doing everything of all the chances to conceive.


matilda - December 9

well if you do then you should always eat healthy diet foods and of course to get a regular of exercise. this will help you out boost the chance of getting pregnant.


margie - December 9

yes those are really important but if you are a smoker, to change the overall lifestyle of being a smoker is never that an easy thing for you to do.


deborah - December 9

researchers said that smoking will have a bad effect on the chances for you to get pregnant. a friend of mine smokes a lot but she was able to conceive. i think it was just by chance that she got pregnant. lucky one!!! =)


aki - December 9

well maybe it was just really a lucky strike for her. even if you don't smoke and your partner is doing it, that could be a factor too for you not to get pregnant.


cassandra - December 9

even if you don't smoke too much or you only smoke occasionally this may hinder you while trying to conceive.


aida - December 9

hate the thought of it. smokes really done nothing good for you and it won't benefit you in anything it may be.


shasha - December 9

an expert says that the reason for this is because the nicotine taken to your system from the cigarettes reduced the amount of the oestrogen that produced by your body.


soraya - December 9

nicotine is the main ingredient of cigar, right?


icah - December 9

the main ingredient in cigarette is tobacco. nicotine is one chemical that can be found in cigarettes and it is a very harmful chemical that is also found in bug sprays.


SUNSHINE - December 9

smoking can also affect the eggs of a woman while it is in her ovaries, this may reduce the number that will be able to successfully grow down to the fallopian tubes and are ready for fertilization.


desiree - December 9

if you are already conceiving never ever attempt to smoke because this will affect the chance of your embryo to be able to form the attachment into the uterus.


louise - December 9

harsh very very harsh. and i don't get the point why those pregnant women are stil engaging in smoke eventhough they are still in the middle of pregnancy period. the insanity has overcome to their senses and they even don't think that it is a bad act.


madeline - December 9

smoking while in the middle of pregnancy stage can definitely and surely affect the health of the baby while he or she is inside the womb. no matter how many supplements you intake and how many vitamins you have, it will not help you either way.



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