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the truth about multiple pregnancy
21 Replies
hailey - December 3

it runs in our family to have a multiple pregnancy. i have two aunts that are twins and nephews too that are identical twins. now, honestly i am really scared to conceive multiple babies. any information and open discussions in this area are welcome.


ms_perfect - December 3

wow, you know if i would have to have a multiple pregnancy i will be so much glad. celebrities nowadays are having multiple pregnancies. if in case it happens to me, i would love to have a boy and a girl. :))


femme1979 - December 3

having multiple pregnancy might be a beautiful blessing. but isn't that leads you to some complications you might get?


phoebe - December 3

well a multiple pregnancy is when a woman gets pregnant with having two or more babies in her uterus; babies come from similar egg or could also be from different eggs.


brandy - December 3

those that comes from a similar egg are called identical, it is when one egg fertilized by one sperm. fertilized egg splits into 2 or more of embryos.


sad_mom - December 4

cool, and having or rather carrying identical twins means it could be all boys or all girls.


akiko - December 4

what about those that came from different eggs? what is it called?


brandy - December 4

it is called as fraternal and it happens when 2 or more eggs have been fertilized by different sperms. this one is hereditary. if you have fraternal status in your pregnancy you might have both boys and girls.


ELVIRA - December 4

really magical hehehe... but what causes having multiple pregnancy?


violah - December 4

they said that if you are taking fertility drugs or you have an in vitro fertilization to help you get pregnant, chances are you will have a multiple pregnancy.


jackie - December 4

but there are some factors that can be a trigger point to have a multiple pregnancy like if you are in your early age of 30s or somewhat older.


dorothy - December 4

yeah that's right. a study showed a case also that when you are in an african descendants and having a history of fraternal babies before too.


big``GIRL - December 4

but most commonly if it runs in your family. anyone on the side of your mom's family that had a fraternal babies is a one big factor.


coffee&me - December 4

what about if you had stopped using birth control? they said this can also be a one good reason for multiple pregnancy cases.


heidi - December 4

but then again having a multiple pregnancy can have a lot of risks too. you might develop some problem in your blood pressure like pre-eclampsia.


gretchen - December 4

an addition to that ms. heidi is that you probably may develop a gestational diabetes while you are carrying your babies and might have an early delivery which is having premature babies.


xxladydreamxx - December 4

worst of all, having miscarriage pregnancy. the possibility of losing one of your babies that you are carrying. that could be so sad. :(



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