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This is going to be a great PCOS Diet Blog! Finally!!!
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bethremsberg - August 27


Every time I read someone's personal experience lately about PCOS, it's so depressing. I am tired of feeling sorry for myself, I am ready to see someone succeed at their weight loss goals or just die trying. I need inspiration. The author of this blog goes by "Boots McGillicutty" this has to be a fake name and I don't blame her because she gets very personally especially about her husband and their relationship.

It's called With the Exception of Taco Tuesdays excepttacotuesdays.blogspot This looks like it is going to be a hilarious blog. I think it might get a little um, "colorful" at times. This girl with PCOS who has trouble losing weight has just moved to a beach house because it is her husband's dream. She hasn't owned a pair of shorts or a bathing suit for years. She either needs to lose the weight and actually leave the house or give up and watch her hubby go surfing everyday with a bunch of college girls. Of course she feels misunderstood and that no one understands, especially her skinny friends and her husband. Oh and after years of infertility she had 2 kids, so maybe she'll be giving some insight on that. She is not holding back and is sharing very personal info that I think many of us can identify. The only thing she has given up on is white flour and sugar, With the Exception of Taco Tuesdays.


simonaderson - September 14

You can make up for it by eating lots of veggies, eat what fruits are available, eat flax seed (can sprinkle it on your cereal or even buy cereal with it in it .. cold cereal that is.) Oats are excellent and it's been proved that oats along with applesauce or apples lowers the cholesterol levels. 8 - 10 glasses of water a day as it flushes out fat and toxins and keeps the organs, especially the kidneys healthy. Some good fats are a necessity to the body and olive oil is the best source.



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