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trouble with conceiving
11 Replies
may-flower - June 9

After a year of trying to get pregnant but having no such luck, I'm at a loss at what I should do. :'(

How do I start exploring other methods of giving birth. I'm afraid of the costs, of the emotional trauma... maybe I'm being very emotional while I'm posting this but I can't help it. My husband and I want our very own bundle of joy real soon.


Melinda W - June 12

my heart goes out to you. have you talked to your doctor yet? have you gotten tests and all? it's best to start that way before exploring your options.


may-flower - June 13

hi melinda. yep, we just got tested. we're waiting on the results. sometime this week or next week, we should know what's going on. we're making house payments at this point and trying to finish up my husband's college loans and we're just really afraid of the cost of fertility treatment.


shaira - June 22

go for natural treatment's way more effective and no side effects..learn about natural or herbal fertility solutions to help you get pregnant before you go for chemical infertility treatments..


lockie - October 30

I am sorry, this journey is sometimes not easy, takes time, requires being strong as you are both. Talk to yr doc, undergo a treatment and even if fail again, never give up and your dream comes true. Believe. Best of the luck!


xenia - December 13

as melinda writes you should have yr fertility tested, discuss yr medical health and life style with yr doc. I opt for sylvia0714 and haira options, if it would be possible. If you need ivf and are concerned about ivf costs, then you may want to explore more affordable treatment abroad (example-invictaclinics com/infertility-treatment/ivf-pro
Just thoroughly explore the issue and always stay positive Goog luck


monikadavid - May 22

I can totally understand what you're going through. I find myself in a very similar situation. It is so hard to even make yourself understand that things aren't working out. I remember when I was TTC and 8 months passed away and nothing happened. I due to lack of awareness thought this was it. I then decided to visit the doctor who didn't even check me properly and decided to put me up on a cycle of Clomid. That cycle not only made me feel more hopeless but also wasted the precious time. Anyways, it was after this experience that now I advise almost every person who is in the similar journey to properly research about your doctor. Check the success rate and the years of experience! These things really do matter and shouldn't be neglected. Apart from that as you have mentioned you are also concerned about the financial issues well honestly speaking I know women who have visited clinics that are inexpensive but so much better. So make sure you look those up and see if they can help you. You can also consider IVF and other similar assisted conception methods as well. these methods have proven to be quite successful. Best of luck sending baby dust your way.


Jennaspence - May 24

I can understand what you are feeling. In fact, all of us can. We have faced this at some point or other. Some due to early pregnancy. Some due to TTC. While others were emotional because of these procedures. Well, see I know it can be stressful. Though it will yield you the results. You will be able to have your bundle of joy. As you like to call it. Go and consult a doctor. Ask if surrogacy is best for you or IVF or IUI. You can proceed after that. I am sure it will work for you. May the odds be in your favor.


Anisa - May 29

Hey. So sad to hear what you are going through. You should consult a good doctor for treatment to check whether there is some Infertility issue or not. Same was the case with me. I had Conceiving issues. later I consulted a good doctor. Then I found I had Cervix Incompetence disease which left me Infertile. i was so sad and devastated. I went for IVF but it didn't work for me. At last, my Friend recommended that we ought to go for surrogacy. I was given every service by the clinic. They provided me with a healthy surrogate. From that point onward, I had a few questions still. They gave me rights to the child so the infant was biologically mine. Later I was blessed with an infant. I am happy to the point that I made a correct choice. Today I am a happy mother. I have no more dream since it was my last wish to be a mother. I am enjoying my motherhood. I hope things will go right in your way. Stay blessed.


Cora044 - May 29

Hello! Hope you will be fine. Sorry to hear about you. It is really hurting. But the thing is that you should not lose hope. It is a positive thing that you are looking for alternatives. Surrogacy and IVF are the two best option available to you. Surrogacy is the better than the IVF. Because of sometimes IVF failures. Due to these failures, the process becomes lengthy and costly. The success rate of the surrogacy is more than IVF. It is the most secure way of getting a baby. Baby will also biologically connected to you. There are some clinics in Ukraine which are best in it. I recommend you to think about this. Take care.


cindy - June 3

hey there! I hope you are doing great. I think infertility is a very big problem. a lot of couples are struggling with this. I think besides its awareness we should raise more awareness of its solutions. I think you should start with exploring clinics for surrogacy or you can also go for IVF. both of them are great procedures. a beautiful choice for women struggling with infertility. It can be easily fixed if we analyze the problem and look for a solution. if your problem really is infertility than you should go for surrogacy. surrogacy is a great procedure that i went for . i had twins through surrogacy and i am really happy with my decision. and i think it will be good for you as well. go on exploring surrogacy and I hope that everything will turn out well for you and you will be happy soon, don't lose hope and be strong.


Elsa28 - June 6

Hi! How are you? Really depressed to hear your post. It is really hurting. I can feel the trouble you are facing. It is really a hard time. But you should not lose the courage. If you can not Conceive naturally. There are many other ways of having a baby. I couldn't Conceive naturally. Later I was diagnosed with Cervix Incompetence disease which left me infertile. I decided to for Surrogacy then. I have a baby girl now. i am blessed to have her. Surrogacy is an option is also available to you. It is a safe technique. A surrogate can carry a pregnancy for you. You can get a baby of your own sperms. So I suggest you try this. Best of luck.God bless you. Take care.



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