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trying for a baby and bleeding...
7 Replies
violah - November 11

as a couple, we have been trying for quite some time in having baby and lately i am few days away late for my period. woke up from bed, saw some droplets of blood during in the toilet. will this be a successful meaning that i am pregnant?


arlene - November 11

there was this one way of knowing you are pregnant when you got some small spots of blood in your undie. but for sure, not all the time this is a reliable way of knowing if you are conceiving.


sandy - November 11

it is still too early to say whether you are pregnant or not. if you always have your period on the right schedule and it would be possible that you are. but then, uncommonly women have their menstruation sometimes late for a few days, 2-3 days most likely.


betsy - November 11

if you are in doubt with having a few days late menstruation, it is better for you to have some home pregnancy test to make some sure results. make the test at your first urine of the day because it is more of concentrated, that would be in the morning.


sad_mom - November 11

you can also say if you are having that physical slight changes when you are pregnant like the feeling of sore, tingly or having a tender breasts, somewhat an indicator that you are conceiving. nonetheless, nausea and having fatigue are some of those very common pregnancy symptoms.


hevia - November 11

let's not ignore the fact that on early pregnancy, you can really have one day of bleeding, at least.


fatima - November 11

sometimes women who are unaware when they are pregnant is getting the idea that bleeding or spotting is a sign of pregnancy. yes it could be, but it is sometimes a sign of having an ectopic pregnancy. but that is not applicable in all cases.


matilda - November 11

well somehow we are wrong with all of those signs and symptoms and it just end up as speculations. sometimes blood droplet signs maybe just a result of inflamed cervix that easily bleeds especially when you have internal examinations or commonly result on when you are having sex. this could also be an effect of having an infection. whatever the reason for spotting, final measure will be going to see your doctor.



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