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Trying for Baby
20 Replies
skies1 - November 18

Have been trying for a family now for nearly 5 years. I became pregnant for the first time last May. But unfortunately I miscarried. I still find it difficult to get over. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.


nerissa - November 22

did you seek a doctor's advice? have you gone for some diagnose? i think you have a problem with your ovary and that is why you can't get pregnant and that your ovary may be weak.


brandy - November 22

feels like you are having problem with your ovary. by the way how old are you skies1? what is the field of your work? are always stressed? what is your lifestyle? do you smoke or do you have any vices? these factors could and may affect you in getting pregnant. fertility is really an issue if one of this factor is in you.


trista - November 22

this may be due to some imbalances in pregnancy hormones that is why you have a miscarriage. or somehow maybe, you have a problem with your immune system.


lady - November 22

if you happened to be at your late 30s or early 40s, you are most likely prone to have a miscarriage baby. if you are an alcoholic drinker while you are pregnant, that could be a risk too.


madeline - November 22

avoid being so much stressed because this will definitely lead you to miscarriage.


skies1 - November 24

Thanks for all your advice. My G.p tells me that I only ovulate once every three months. We have just started our third lot of treatment on the Gonadotrophin. We have every chance of a successful pregnancy. We were given 6 month treatments to start with. Fingers Crossed. We may be lucky to have a early christmas surprise.


abigail - November 27

i hope it would be successful i wish you good luck and to your partner too.


Cecilia020880 - June 28

hi, how old are you by the way? i am 35 years old, i had miscarriage three times. it was really difficult especially if you are on your 30's, the pressure is just killing me slowly, but i am hoping for the best. i will visiting my doctor soon and see what could be the best next thing to do regarding with my condition.


talktalkcontact - September 22

Figure out when you ovulate

The biggest secret to getting pregnant faster is knowing when you ovulate (release an egg from your ovary). Think of the egg as a bull's-eye and the sperm as arrows. One of the arrows has to hit the bull's-eye in order for you to get pregnant.

Since you ovulate once each menstrual cycle, there are only a few days out of each cycle when sex can actually lead to pregnancy. Knowing when you ovulate means that you and your partner can identify the bull's-eye and then aim for it, instead of just shooting a bunch of arrows and hoping the target happens to be there.

You can figure out when you ovulate using a few different methods. Our article about predicting ovulation walks you through them.

If you notice that you have irregular periods over the course of several months, pinpointing ovulation could be difficult. Ask your doctor for advice.

Don't worry about the best positions for getting pregnant.

Myths abound about the best positions for getting pregnant, but they are just that -- myths. There is really no scientific evidence saying that the missionary position is better than the woman being on top when it comes to maximizing your chances of making a baby.

"Very rarely, a woman's cervix is in an unusual position where certain positions can make a difference," Goldfarb tells WebMD.

Certain gravity-defying positions, such as sitting or standing during intercourse, however, may discourage sperm from traveling upstream. "It's a matter of gravity [and] you don't want all the semen to run out -- and semen are quick little critters," Hillard says.

Do lay low right after intercourse.

You have probably heard this one -- lie in bed with your feet in the air after having sex to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The verdict? Not (totally) true.

"It's good advice to lay in bed for 10 to 15 minutes after intercourse, but you don't need your feet in the air," Goldfarb says. "Your pelvis does not move when you put your legs in the air." Don't go the bathroom during this time either, he says. "If you wait 10 to 15 minutes, the sperm that is going to get into the cervix will be in the cervix."

Don't overdo it.

Having sex every day even during ovulation will not necessarily increase your chances of getting pregnant. "In general, every other night around the time of ovulation helps increase your chance of getting pregnant," Goldfarb says. Sperm can live up to 72 hours after intercourse. The best suggestion is to have sex regularly -- when you're ovulating, and when you're not.

Speaking of sperm, "wearing tight-fitting clothing can negatively affect sperm count," Piscitelli says. So too can spending time in hot tub or Jacuzzi. Your man's cell phone habits may also also need some work. A study in the journal Fertility and Sterility showed that men who used a hands-free device with a cell phone and kept their phone close to their testicles had poorer sperm quality.

He might want to pass on the edamame and other soy foods for a while, too. Men who eat a lot of soy foods may have a lower sperm concentration than men who don't eat soy foods, according to a study published online in Human Reproduction.

Do de-stress any way you can.

Try not to get stressed out about starting a family. You may roll your eyes if someone says, "Just relax and it will happen," but stress can actually interfere with ovulation. So the more relaxed you are, the better!

Whatever helps you de-stress is fine, as long as it's healthy. "There is some evidence that acupuncture can help reduce stress and increase your chances of becoming pregnant," Goldfarb says. And although drinking too much alcohol when trying to get pregnant isn't smart, a glass of wine won't hurt.

Do live a healthy life.

Exercising is a healthy habit -- especially if it helps keep you at your ideal weight. Just like anything else, though, you can get too much of a good thing. "Too much exercise can cause you not to ovulate," Goldfarb says.

What's too much? It may be different for different women. If you are a hard-core exerciser and are still getting your period regularly, your exercise regimen is most likely not a problem, he says. But, Goldfarb adds, your menstrual period is not the first thing to go if you are exercising too heavily. "The first thing that happens is that you have a shorter second half of your cycle. You should have a period 14 days after you ovulate, but too much exercise can shorten this phase." This would be the first hint that you need to curtail your fitness regimen. He suggests tracking how long it takes you to get a period after you ovulate as the best way to know for sure.

Goldfarb says the best way to increase your chances of getting pregnant while getting the health benefits of regular exercise is to do moderate exercise -- think brisk walking -- two and a half hours each week (or at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week).

Stop smoking to increase your chances of getting pregnant," Hillard says. Aside from all the other negative health effects of smoking, this nasty habit also decreases fertility. "It affects estrogen levels and ovulation."

And don't worry too much about your day planner. "Eighty-five percent of women will become pregnant within one year of trying," Hillard says.


talktalkcontact - September 30

Step up sex before ovulation.

As soon as you pick up a hormonal surge, have sex that day, plus the next two days. Pregnancy rates peak two days before ovulation, says Clarice Weinberg, Ph.D., chief of biostatistics at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Some experts speculate that's when cervical mucus is at its optimum for helping sperm travel to the egg and break down its shell-like coating.

Sperm can live inside the uterus for 24 to 48 hours, which means there will be plenty on hand to greet the egg once ovulation starts.

Another reason to have sex before you ovulate, as opposed to the day it happens: An egg survives for only 12 to 24 hours after ovulation, so if you begin to ovulate in the morning and wait until nighttime to have sex, the egg may lose its viability by the time the sperm gets to it. In addition, says Dr. Zarmakoupis, cervical mucus starts to become thick and impenetrable right after ovulation, rendering it "hostile" to the passage of sperm.

Enjoy yourself.

"The most important thing to remember is to keep sex fun," says Felicia Stewart, M.D., coauthor of Understanding Your Body: Every Woman's Guide to Gynecology and Health. When it becomes a chore, it's easy to view sex as just one more item on your to-do list.

Give it time.

Barring fertility problems and other conditions or habits that can interfere with conception, half of all couples get pregnant within six months, says Dr. Stewart, and 85 percent do so within a year.


xenia - December 13

Don't give up hope I am sure your time will come


jolly188 - May 16

Hi dear. I am so sorry for your miscarriage. I can feel your pain. You have been going through a really hard time. But it was not your fault at all. So you should go for something else. What do the doctors say about you? What was the reason behind the miscarriage? Yes I can feel how hard it is to go again for it when once you have faced a miscarriage. I totally respect your feelings. But the point is that you can't stay this for so long. You should have to find some other options which can help you in conceiving a baby. I must suggest you that you should go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is really a nice blessing. I was also an infertile and can't have a baby due to it. I also went through this phase. But a friend of mine told me about surrogacy. I did a research on it and found it beneficial by taking reviews of many people. Now I am undergoing the process. It's really satisfying. In addition surrogacy has a lot more success rates and guaranteed results. So I must suggest that you should also go for it. Best of luck my dear!


Cora044 - May 17

Hello! Hope you are doing great. Sorry to hear about your loss. It is really very hurting. You do not have to lose hope. You have to decide to defeat your problems. Surrogacy can help you also. Surrogacy is a process in which sperms and eggs of parents are transferred into a surrogate mom. A surrogate mom carries a pregnancy for intended parents. It is is the safest way of getting a baby. It is just like a natural process. Baby will be genetically connected to you. It is really amazing. So I suggest you go for it. Best of luck. God bless you.


Jennaspence - May 17

TTC can be a long wait. It becomes so tiring. Most people lose hope too. Did you try co consulting the doctor? I suggest you get the tests done. Find ou the issue. Then you can decide what to do. You can go for treatments and have a baby.


Anisa - May 18

"Hey there! Hope you are doing well. I m sorry that you are worried about the Miscarriage. It is really hurting. Have you ever thought about surrogacy? It is just like a normal way of getting a baby. I had cervix Incompetence due to which I was left Infertile. I had twins through surrogacy. IVF cause many problems. Surrogacy takes not a very long time. It is also not too much expensive. There are some clinics in Ukraine which are best in this. You must think about it. Having a baby is a great source of joy. I can understand your position as a mother. My best wishes are with you. Stay blessed.


ginger22 - May 18

Hey there! I totally feel for you. I had two miscarriages after marriage. My advice to you is to never lose hope. I think you guys should try other alternatives. there are many other ways to get pregnant. You should try IVF or surrogacy. I got my baby boy through surrogacy. Best of luck. Love!



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