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Trying for Baby
20 Replies
ginger22 - May 18

Hey there! I totally feel for you. I had two miscarriages after marriage. My advice to you is to never lose hope. I think you guys should try other alternatives. there are many other ways to get pregnant. You should try IVF or surrogacy. I got my baby boy through surrogacy. Best of luck. Love!


Anisa - May 20

Hey. I can understand your situation. Because I had also infertility issues. I had a miscarriage in my early married life. I had Cervix incompetence disease. That is why I remained infertile. I went for IVF but it didn't work for me. One of my Friends suggested going for Surrogacy. I went to Europe for the best clinic. They provided me a healthy Surrogate. I am a happy mother now. Surrogacy is the best method to conceive indeed.


Cora044 - May 20

Hi! Hope you are doing good. Bad to hear about your MCs. It takes a lot from a lady. But good thing is that you did not lose hope. I am happy to know that you found a way to get your family complete. From many forums, I come to know many positive things about surrogacy. I am an infertile lady. Now I am also thinking about the surrogacy. I cannot wait for anymore. We just contracted a clinic in Ukraine. We are moving next month there. Hope it will be a good experience. Remember us in your good wishes. God bless you.


Jennaspence - May 22

I am sorry to hear about the loss. I know it must have been terrifying. How are you holding up? Now, did you see a doctor? Get your tests done. If you haven't already. It will give you a clear picture. Then decide what are your options. If it is not possible to conceive naturally. Then you can go for IVF. It will mean that your eggs will be retrieved from the body. They will then fertilize them chemically. Then it will be implanted back. This way if its a success you can get pregnant. But if the issue is that your body cannot carry a baby. Then go for surrogacy.


monikadavid - May 22

Extremely sorry to hear about your MC. It must have been really difficult for you to cope with the loss. Five years is a very long time of TTC. If the issue is with you not ovulating every month then I think you should track down when you ovulate. Once that is determined you can accordingly try to conceive. I am sure you have already tried this since you have been trying to conceive for a very long time period. My suggestion to you would be to look into assisted conceptions. These treatments have proven to be quite successful for a lot of infertile couples. I think you should just research on these and then make any decision. Just be researching about these you will really get an idea If they will work for you or not. When I was diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve I honestly thought the possibility of becoming a mother had just gone away. However, treatments like these do give you hope. I am however, in the stage of researching for now. A lot of people have told me not to take steps in any hurry. Finding a good doctor is the goal for now. Best of luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.



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