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Trying with Pcos
24 Replies
Jadey x - January 12

Also I have been told that ovualation sticks dont work is you have polycystic ovaries, is this true?


kat7 - January 12

Yeah Ovulation kits dont work properly on PCOS as hormone levels ae up the wall anyways! They do a few more tests before clomid.. I had a bad reaction to clomiphene and cysts enlarged to an excrutiating pain level but still the follicles did not 'pop' to release the egg. I didnt like clomid and it didnt work for me anyway. Only low carb diet and metformin have worked for me naturally yrs later x


Jadey x - January 13

I have been to the docs this morning to try and get the ball rolling. She has given me a prescription for folic acid and gave me a blood test to check if im immune to rehubela, she said from my results on the notes all my hormone levels etc seem to be fine and there are no other factors that should cause any problems. She is going to refer me to the womens hospital so I just have to wait now.

She said that 70% of women conceive naturally within 3 years. I dont think this will be the case for me though im just glad im starting quite young incase it does take a while.


Rufiomonkey - February 24

I have been trying naturally with PCOS for over a year now and am just about to have my first course of Clomid. Very frustrating every month taking natural supplements and low sugar gluten dairy diet! All very hard but hoping it will be worth it in the end as am soooo desperate to be a mummy!


pcosteen - March 8

hi i have also been dianosed with pcos x and having children was one of my dreams and i have wanted a child since i was 15. i know some of you are like me and its hard to concieve i have een told that it is possble to concieve naturally but havent yet came across anyone that has x


kat7 - March 9

PCOSteen - Wanting to conceive since the age of 15?????? Thats ridiculous. You have to have your own life before having a dependant. Anyway, I conceived naturally finally after 14yrs of trying drugs etc so dont give up!


pcosteen - March 9

its always something ive wanted to do x congrats x


dawn - March 20

Hi, i have pcos and been trying for a baby for the past 18 months. I decided to try accupunchure. I now have a very regular cycle and managed to concieve just before christmas. Sadly i miscarried after 9 weeks. Im not giving up though, because ive done it once and i can do it again.


monty_special43 - March 23

hi i have pcos and my doctor told me id have to try for 2 years naturally before they would give me anything to help



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