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ttc for 6 years now :(
12 Replies
tracymarie - June 29

hi me and my hubby have been trying for 6 years after he had a vasectomy reversal both of us had tests after 2 years of nothing and everything is working fine, they told us to carry on trying until we had been trying for 4 years so now we are having tests again and so far everything still normal i went for a hysterogram last week and omg it hurt like hell as anyone else had this? well they said it was all clear to now they are talking about a laparoscopy im getting so upset and of course we are not getting younger, ur support and advise would be grateful. x


Bird25 - July 28

Tracy, I wish there was more people talking face to face about these issues - I hate the way it has become such a taboo!

6 years is a long time (I have been ttc for nearly 3) and I hope you havent been letting it get you down. How have you and hubby been coping with everything?

Have you had your results back yet?


tracymarie - July 28

hi, the hsg was all clear going back to see fertility gyno tomorrow afternoon and hubby due for his tests next week its seems so endless. im afraid it is getting me down and i know it doesnt help with fertilty to be low but how can u not be.
have u had any tests or treatment? x


Bird25 - July 29

Endless, endless blood tests and he has given enough samples to fill a bath! Finally got referred to gynae in March and been on Chlomid since.

I got the run around for so long before referral I was starting to think I was going mad! The gynae doc was super nice though and that reassured me (finally). I did kind of wish they could find something, if only to give a face to the enemy so to speak.

I just love hearing these people say "relax - dont think about it - just let it happen" Come back to me when you have been doing this every month for 3 years!

Dont let it get you down though; it's nothing that either of you have done or can do - just have faith that it will happen xx


tracymarie - July 29

tnx been to hospital today they say all tests are clear and they cant offer me free ivf coz my hubby as already got a child, so any further treatment i would need to pay for arghhhhhh which i just cant afford and really dont want to go down that route so ive finally got a referral for a laparoscopy to make sure there is definetly not any problems then from there thats it really.

whats your next step i say i hope they find nothing wrong but sometimes i think it wud be better if they did that could be treated and solve your infertility instead of not knowing.

good luck xxx


Bird25 - July 30

Got to finish my run on the chlomid but I'm struggling already - It's really affected my hormones and I have turned into your typical moody woman; crying and getting angry at the drop of a hat. I'm also feeling like I'm going to be sick nearly everyd day. It's kind of cruel because these are the symptoms that you would expect if you were preggers but I have to go through them knowing I'm not.

Cant believe you cant get IVF free just because your hubby already has a child! That's rediculous - what about YOUR needs?! For all they know his child might not be a part of your lives and never will be. How can they justify denying you the right to have kids like that?

Can you not appeal that decision?


tracymarie - July 30

that was a 2nd decision we got but they say know also because he has had a vasecotomy reversal but like u say its not me i too think its wrong but what more can i do its really upsetting but they said are only other option is adoption and fostering or to just keep trying naturally i feel now they have totally given up on me!!!


Bird25 - July 30

I cant believe it is so cut and dry like that. Have they offered you any kind of emotional support? If nothing else they should have done that.

How do you feel about adoption? My step brother and sister were adopted and I think that people who adopt must be very brave - I think I would still be devastated if one day the docs tell me I simply cant concieve.

How much is the IVF? I was told it depends on the area you are in - how much funding they have, etc. One of my friends went for IVF and she had a little girl about 2 years ago; she had to have 2 tries at it though.


tracymarie - July 30

its around 4000 for the ivf i just cant afford i would like to try fostering first i love kids so would love to give them a nice home when they need it. x


ah26 - August 19

I had to comment as i cant believe how similar all 3 of our stories are!!!
I had a baby last year, i wasn't full term and sadly we lost him. We've been ttc ever since as i thought it was the only chance of happiness for us again but we've had no luck. I had to have my 6 month check after having the baby anyway and spoke to my consultant about how desperate i was to get pregnat again. He told me to try naturally for another 5-6 months(hearing that broke me even more)and then we could start Clomid. We had no luck naturally and so began the Clomid. I was soooo excited starting the Clomid because you hear of how many women get pg within the first 3 months of being on it and i thought sure i was going to be one of those people...but no!! I might have known i wouldn't be that lucky!!. My doc spoke to my consultant again and i was told to try another 3 months..(again, this killed me as 3 months to them is nothing, but to us its a lifetime), but i did as he said none the less. No preg after the whole of the 50mg treatment so his next suggestion to me was that i try the 100mg for 3 months, and i've just finished my 3rd cycle on 100mg and still no baby.
I also feel like i've been pushed from pillar to post and that they dont really care. I'm sure tha's not how it is but that's how i feel.
I've also had to endure millions of blood tests and the dreaded HSG exam!!!!!! I never want to have to have that again!!!! Im so glad reading your comments that you found i horrendous too coz i was worried i was just being a wimp!!
So anyway, my consultants latest suggestion was that i come off the Clomid for a few months and see how things are???!!!!i was so angry when my doctor told me this last week but thankfully i'll be seeing him soon and can ask him exactly what his next steps or plans are.

I've recently heard of iui. I was giving up all hope but now i've read about this i've kind of got something to look towards now, will be discussing it with my consultant tho and will let you know how successful the rates are.
Have eithr of you heard of this iui and do you know anything about it or maybe anyone that's had it done?


caseras - August 21

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tracymarie - September 17

omg im so sorry 4 u ive just reposted under unexpected find forgot i had this post plz read dont no if u av had a laporascopy


ah26 - September 19

Hi, no i havn't had one. It was suggested at my last cons app but to be honest im so sick of all the tests that i said if i didnt have to have it i'd prefer not to. Dont like the sound of it very much?
Hopefully i wont have to have one?!!!!
As i mentioned in my last post, would iui not be an option in your situation? Plus, even if you had to go private for that too, it's s lot cheaper than ivf?!



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