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uterine formation problem
15 Replies
funtaine - July 19

i found out that i had a bicornuate uterus, which typically means i have two congenital uterine formation problem. an abnormality in which i am very much concern now. i will be marrying my long time partner this December, we are planning to have a baby after the wedding. would it be safe?


KELSEY - July 23



Angel E - July 25

i got pregnant a year ago with a bicornuate uterus. it was a risky and complicated one. i always have abdominal pain and even went to emergency, that's when i found out.


Svetlana - July 30

i am 9 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby with a bicornuate uterus. my first born was successful delivered by c-section. most likely i am expecting c-section again and hopefully with no complications. i don't mind doctor told me the possibility of pre-term labor, but i am very much positive that it won't.


alicia - July 31

my friend with bicornuate uterus had miscarriage once and conceive after a couple of months but went on preterm labor on the 7th.


reese - July 31

at least a regular checkup to monitor your condition and the welfare of the baby inside your womb.


soirEE - August 1

is there a chance of miscarriage with a bicornuate uterus?


Nimfa - August 2

identical twins on a bicornuate uterus. i have no idea about it until i visited my doctor to talk about how risky my pregnancy may be. the doctor told me i have a high risk and i might be on bed rest on the 15th week or so. a scheduled check up is very important and thorough monitoring.


gianna - August 2

yes the risk of miscarriage is high especially when you have preterm delivery.


CleoJAN - August 3

abnormalities of the uterus doesn't automatically means you will not be able to have a baby, but there are some certain risks and complications along with.


Virginia - August 6

discuss it with your husband in case he is not yet aware of your condition. there is really nothing serious about it as long as you take precautionary measures.


prettyRose - August 12

your family should know it. more than anything else, the family's support and understanding is very important now.


shima - August 21

I hv a friend who had an ultrasound checkup and subserosal fibroids were seen,what is the impact of these tumours on conceiving? bz she is three years married wth no kid


bekki - August 21

do not worry too much my dear. keep a positive outlook in life.


ladybug - September 8

there are ways to treat it. you can undergo a surgery to repair bicornuate uterus.


patricia - September 9

Laparoscopic-assisted transvaginal metroplasty for the treatment of bicornuate uterus



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