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Vasectomy worry
4 Replies
unsure27 - May 12

Hi all,
Currently seeking advice.I am 25 years old and my partner of 3 years had a vasectomy 10 years ago. He already has 2 children and seems happy to stop there. I told hm in the beginning of his relationship that I was unsure about having children but would like to have some in the future now.
I have read that after a vasectomy its very difficult to have a successful reversal after 10 years and the possibility of me conceiving would be 25%. And its not free on the NHS (but it is available in some areas).

Every time I address this subject with him, he changes the subject. I asked him to speak to the GP and see if its available in the area. He hasn't done it and wont even mention it.

Now although I don't want children now, time is not on my side. Its been 10 years since his vasectomy so the chances of being successful only 25%. If available on the NHS, the waiting list is very long. And advice I have read says that after reversal, you shouldn't attempt to conceive for at least 6 months. This equates to a long time! Plus I would need tests to check my fertility before the reversal goes ahead.

How would anyone else approach this situation? Sorry its so long, just wanted to give all the details.


ladybug - June 15

take a fertility test first to make sure you are still able. if everything goes well, find a right timing to address your side to your partner. in case he doesn't want to tackle the issue, you may want to send a brief message to him through text, email, or whatever. in any case he is not open to this changes, you might consider him not concern to your own life, it's selfishness. sorry for the word!


sheila - June 29

our family friend had his vasectomy 10 years ago with his wife saying they were done but just last year his wife got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby. vasectomy can fail but there are still possibilities that you can get pregnant as nothing is permanent.


Sumita - July 11

Consult your Doctor. He would give better advise than us.


babylaica - July 23

chances of getting pregnant is only 30% especially if your husband had vasectomy procedure 10-15 years ago. not to mention age which can also make your chances go down. yeah, sad but true!



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