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well an unexpected find
13 Replies
tracymarie - September 14

after all tests they said they found nothing that wud be causing my infertilty although i kept saying i was also in some pain nobody seemed to listen until a few weeks ago i saw a consultant who said he would perform a laporscopy i was so scared never had a operation before but i was down by 9.30 but i woke up in a ward at 2pm???? this was ment to be a day thing they said they found a huge chocolate cyst on each ovary they remoeved one and drained the other also that i had endetromotis behind my womb it was all too much to take in and now im 3 weeks into recovery im doing ok but im not due to go back until decemebr so can i still concieve? i have so many questions sorry for the essay x


Becky B - September 17

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with endometriosis too and am currently waiting to have the laparoscopy. From the info I have read and been told, endo can affect your fertility but I know people who have endo and have gone onto to have healthy babies so I would keep trying until December! Good luck x


tracymarie - September 17

thank u i wasnt even diagonised until i went for laporascopy they said at gyno appointments that they didnt think i had it but i was in pain so i more or less demanded surgery and im so glad i did. good luck for ur op. x


ah26 - September 19

Sorry, i've just posted on your other post too!!lol.

Didnt realise you'd been for your op!! How was it?

How do you feel now they've made a discovery?? It must make you feel a little better and so now maybe there's more hope?


tracymarie - September 19

hi no worries i forgot about my other post lol. im feeling better that they found something that was causing my pain coz i was begiining to think it was all in my head. i dont no what my hope for getting pregnant now is guess i just have to keep looking on the positive side. x


tracymarie - September 19

also to reply about the laporscopy they said there was no real need for me to have it because my tests had come back clear etc but it really wasnt that bad i was so scared coz ive never had a operation before but honestly it was ok the hsg was more painful lol. be worth trying it look at what they found on mine and scans internals etc didnt show them up where they are ment too. good luck xxxx


ah26 - September 19


I bet you are, not that its a good thing they found something wrong but at least you've got something to work towards now eh?

It's easier said then done trying to be positive tho isnt it? That's all i ever seem to get, 'dont think about it and it will happen' or 'you've got plenty of time, dont rush it', 'stop worrying'!!im sick of hearing it!!lol.

I guess it would be usefull??I dont know? It was mentioned when i saw my consultant last but because i didnt sound to keen about it i dont think he pushed it. We know i can conceive coz i've been pg before, which is why im in this situation but my cons said that he's referring us now coz he said we've been thru enough.

The hsg was horrendous!!!! I never want to have one of them ever again!!!!!!. Everyone's different aren't they, i've spoken to a couple of people who have had one and they've found it ok but mine bloody wasn't!lol. I'd rather go thru childbirth again than have to have one of those....but get to take my baby home this time!!

Well good luck with all your future tests, you know where i am if you need a chat about anything


tracymarie - September 19

thank you im just keeping everything crossed u cant help but think i wonder if its this time u so cant forget like u say its easier said than done. xxx


kerryandpeter - October 18

Hi Tracymarie,
Are you not suppose to go back to see your Doctor until December? That is a very long time to wait. How are you recovering? I too had a Laproscopy and a Hysteroscopy in September as I had a Chocolate cyst on one ovary and and large cyst in my uterus. I have been back to my Doctor already for check up and all went well, i also call the nurses at the office regularly and they are very helpful.... I am now starting the next stage IUI this week. Starting with daily injections of hormones..... So we will see where that takes us.... I hope this helps as I knwo i like hearing about other people in similar situations. makes me feel less alone.


tracymarie - October 18

thank you, yes when i was discharged they said it would be about 8 weeks and then i got a appointment for december they said that was the next available im recovering ok still in a bit of pain yeah mine was a chocolate cyst on both ovaries and then the endo behind my womb i keep thinkning 2 months on and im still sore that im being a wimp but ppl keep reminding me of what they did inside and moved around so im going to be sore but theres nothing i can do unitl december still no positives as of yet either, hope all goes well for you. xxx


Becky B - October 18

Glad to hear you are on the mend Tracymarie! It is encouraging to hear that both you and Kerryandpeter are through the ops and on the otherside. I have just been given a date of the 8th December for my op (I'm having a laparoscopy and hystereoscopy) which is a bit concerning considering its only two weeks before Christmas! I'm very nervous as I have never had an operation before let alone this, but I think I'm more scared of what they might tell me after the op, more so than the op itself, if that makes sense?! Anyway, fingers crossed for you both and I hope the checkup and IUI go well! xxx


tracymarie - October 18

you will be fine i had never had a operation either and i got myself in a right state im not going to lie i was in a lot of pain for a few weeks but everyone is different and in a way im glad they did find something wrong to go through all that and them find nothing at all i would of found most upsetting i think.... well thats just me but they give u loads of painkillers and they will look after you where r u having it done? if u tell them u are nervous sometimes they give u something to relax you. good luckk and if u ever need a chat im always here xxx


kerryandpeter - October 19

Hi Ladies, Its great to actually find a forum where people respond. I have been on a few recently but they are old and nobody replies.

Tracymarie- Just out of interest are you in the UK or Australia? If you are still feeling a bit of pain 8 weeks on you really need to contact the hospital, you should only feel uncomfortable for the first few weeks. My hospital contacted me regularly afterwards and said if I am in any pain to contact them.... I would do that if I were you, probably nothing at least it will put your mind at ease. Let me know how you get on... xx

Becky B- I like you and Tracymarie had never had an op before. But it really isn't that bad. Its the anesthetic which knocks you out. It took me a week of resting before I felt 'normal' again. Was a bit sore for another week and then felt fine. So you should be ok for Christmas. Where are you having yours done?? xx

By the way I am in Australia but orginally from the UK. Good luck guys!!!


tracymarie - October 19

hi, im in the uk they said i would be sore for some time becasue i had a cyst removed from one ovary and the other was drained and corturized(dont no how u spell it arghhh lol) but i am on the mend now just the occasional twinge if i do to much. x



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