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what could be the valuable signs of ovulation?
26 Replies
dorothy - December 14

yes this alters in line with fertility. if you have like this minimal on the start and end of your menstrual cycle and the abundant and egg-white-like in ovulation.


akiko - December 14

but this i think could be pretty hard to do so. how are we going to this?


cassiopeia - December 14

they said that you just have to chart the quantity, appearance and consistency of your cervical mucous and this will help you to predict the time that are your very fertile and to most likely be able to conceive.


arlene - December 14

but how can you picture signs that will help you out to know if you are at most of your fertile times.


ms_perfect - December 14

some of those women out there are experiencing cramps in their lower abdomen or some twinges that is what study says prior to ovulation.


hevia - December 14

that is right, some way experience tendering breasts that somehow could be a one useful indicator that you will be most likely to conceive.


zhiba - December 14

then if you are feeling those, it is more appropriate to list down all of these signs because this will help you to know that you are fertile.


sad_mom - December 14

but some of us or mostly all of the women out there doesn't know how to distinguished the natural fluctuations of their menstrual cycle.


eureka - December 14

i agree on that, some are just not into natural way of knowing they are fertile... but there is an ovulation kit, although a bit costly but this is one of those most very reliable to help predict fertility by measuring the levels of luteinising hormone.


mercy - December 15

how can LH indicate or detect that i can be fertile?


cassandra - December 15

the LH surges will be detects up to 2 days prior to the ovulation giving you some plenty of warning like when you are likely to conceive.



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