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what is RM?
10 Replies
vernice - December 16

what is rhythm method? is it really helpful?


keisha - December 16

hi there, rhythm method is one of the most oldest means to chart your fertility and this is often used for those couples who are in family planning which they are not able to use some alternative methods like the Catholics.


liza - December 16

sounds interesting but have no idea about this. good thing this discussion was opened up!


maya - December 16

it is a simple way of monitoring the menstrual cycle and to establish patterns of your infertility and infertility throughout.


harlem - December 16

the menstrual cycle is categorized into some several phases and as to cycle length differs from women, each of menstrual phase durations also varies. the first phase is know to be as the menstrual phase and this is the first day of each cycle classified to as the first day of your menstruation. this will lasts for about 3 and 5 days and it is a period of relative infertility as its classifications.


matilda - December 16

follicular is the second phase where the body is preparing itself to for a potential pregnancy and lasts for 8 or 9 days and this varies between women and somehow changes on a monthly basis.


brenda - December 16

up to the last 5 days, you will become increasingly fertile on this phase and most likely to be able to facilitate pregnancy.


patrice - December 16

normally ovulation occurs around the 14th day but then again this varies widely for each of the individual.


ingrid - December 16

but some says that rhythm method is not an accurate way in preventing pregnancy.


yen - December 16

yes for some this isn't helpful but for those others who have tried and tested this method, RM is such a big help.


aki - December 16

well, if you want rhythm method to be effective, you should conjunct it with more of those indicative predictors like charting BBT and your cervical mucus on to a monthly basis to be able to give you a better picture of when is your fertility peak tumbles and enable for you to work on the best of the time to try and to conceive.



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