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who knows about this?
16 Replies
miStreSS - October 23

is it safe for me to take up megavitamins while trying to get pregnant?


lowella - October 23

megavitamins? what could that be? sorry guys but i have never heard that kind of supplement, ignorancy strikes... heheh


icah - October 23

haha, actually megavitamin is a therapy in which you are using a large doses of vitamins that have been into greater amount usually recommended to your dietary allowance.


lowella - October 23

oh i see, hehe let's proceed to mistress' questions... :)


chavie - October 23

that can be harmful to you mistress especially when you are trying to conceive. you might put yourself at risk in no time.


abigail - October 24

exactly your point. large doses of vitamins like vitamins a, d, e and k are fat soluble and when they are stored in the body, they can be toxic.


wondergirl - October 24

but there are 2 types of vitamin a the one that comes from animal foods such as meat and dairy products and those that comes from plant foods such as carrots and vegetables too.


patrice - October 24

you can't get away long enough to take up vitamin a which is retinol from meat because this could harm your baby.


brenda - October 24

you couldn't just take vitamin or fish oil without the knowledge of what amount is only allowable. you should always refer the RECOMMENDED DAILY ALLOWANCE whenever you want to take up vitamins.


yen - October 24

apart from that, those fish oil supplements that are made from the body of the fish rather than the liver are quite safe because they did not have excessive amounts of retinol.


matilda - October 24

yes, and to add on that matter, it contains omega 3 essential fatty acids that could help in the reduction of the risk of prematurity and help to develop brain and eye in your baby.


nerissa - October 24

good to hear that points to you guys... it is important to take up vitamins when you are planning to have a baby and when you are already pregnant but be sure that you should also limit the intakes of all vitamins in pregnancy.


margie - October 24

there is a multivitamin that suits and designed for pregnancy which supplies 100% of the RDA. why not take that one, it would be more safer than having tons of different vitamins to take up and you wouldn't know if it's safe or not.


hyacinth - October 24

i know that multivitamins is a lot of help, but i would still recommend you to eat foods that are rich in nutrients, a good diet that you have to maintain and proper exercise.


dorothy - October 24

yes, there is no other better way than to have the natural style of keeping your health fit and as well as your baby's.


SUNSHINE - October 24

will keep that in mind :). a 400 microgram supplement of folic acid is recommended to prevent your baby developing neural tube defects. take it while you are conceiving and continue the intake for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.


janina - October 24

but best that you still visit your doctor once in a while for guidance to have the right dosage.



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