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woman's infertility
17 Replies
]]kelly[[ - September 7

what can increase woman's risk of infertility?


marci - September 7

are there any? well, i thought if you have that kind of issue it's only when you can't have a kid for how many years and still waiting.


zaida - September 7

your age can be one big factor you can't have or will have difficulties in getting pregnant.


balsy - September 7

excessive smoking, and yeah it reminds me of my cousin who started out smoking at a very early age. she's definitely regretting and deciding to stop smoking is too late for her to decide.


yen - September 7

that is so sad balsy, i think there are still options she can have child. did you ever had a chance to go to the doctor and asked for help?


keisha - September 7

well, that would be the next step after regretting hahaha... and the expense would definitely be regretful too. ugh, just because of smoking you can't be a happy mom.


joy - September 7

not only smoking girls, excess alcohol intake is one, and would lead you to be infertile. i suggest to drink only occassionaly hehehe...


shasha - September 7

i do drink only occasionaly and would find it harder to quit if you do it abruptly. but no harm coz it won't be always... :)


zyger - September 7

smoking and excess alcohol intake are just few, stress is your best enemy in having a hard time to get pregnant. i suggest workaholics would give some time to take a rest.


mandy - September 7

agree to that zyger, i myself is workaholic babe. having baby would be a tough one in my career. but once you have it, you'll never know how great it is to be a mom!


gilda - September 7

hahaha, you say so! for sure if your career is gone and you've got everything in loose, you'll definitely crave to have a kid.


]]kelly[[ - September 7

having one will make you smile and gives you satisfaction as to become a fulfilled mother and a wife.


nimfa - September 7

i have to say, you will have that hardship in getting pregnant if you have a poor diet. if you don't eat the proper nutrition your body needs. vitamins will help too.


bless - September 7

they say that if you are an athlete and you undergo athletic training is just so submissive. the stress, the training itself leads you to a risk in having
infertility issues.


maya - September 7

being overweight or underweight, one can make infertile too. hmmm... actually it really depends on how overweight or underweight you are. if so, seek a doctor's advice to help you out.


ingrid - September 7

are sexually transmitted disease can be one factor too?


viktoria - September 7

yes STIs can be factor too. the hardest part is, some sexually transmitted disease are very hard to be cured.



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