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Kirsty - March 25

Hi im 20 years old and I have been having irregular periods for about 2 years now. I dont seem to get them the same time every month. I've been to the doctors and he sent me for a blood test and an ultrasound, only just had the ultrasound after waiting a month for an appointment. My bladder was over full so I had the internal one and I cant really remember everything she said as I was so nervous and did'nt expect to have the internal one, but i remember her saying something about a few small cysts but she can't diagnose me with PCOS as I need to see my doctor about the blood tests. What do the cysts mean? I have an appointment on Wednesday with my doctor to discuss the results of the ultrasound and blood test. I want to get pregnant but im so worried that I will never be able to, it's so depressing and im worried about telling my doctor that I want to concieve as he might say im to young and not listen to me. I have also been on my period now for just over a month and this has really freaked me out, i seem to be thinking the worst all the time. I just wanted to know if there was anyone else having the same problems as me and if anyone knows what my chances are at ever getting pregnant? xx


YasmineSA - April 25

Hi Kirsty,
Don't worry you are not alone, I have had irregular periods from age 12 I am just about to turn 22. To answer your question a cyst is a sac of fluid, PCOS basically means many cysts. I f she said there are cysts then you probably do have PCOS as with me you could clearly see them but my bloods came back normal, so blood tests aren't always they clear indicator. I have recently taken agnus castus (vitex) to regulat my cycle. I quite often bleed for months or twice a month and heavily, a 35+ day cycle was the norm, but I took 200mg of Agnus Castus a day for 3 entire months, no stopping when I ovulated as my husband and I had been told not to ttc as I had just had a rubella immunisastion. My cycle is now 28 days and I actually ovualted on the 3rd month, so give it a go and dont lose hope. A friend of mine had 3 ruptured cysts in 2 yrs and multiple surgeries for her gynae health, she recently just had her second daughter a natural conception for both and they are beautiful healthy girl. Don't be worried about your doctor, if they are judgemental, get a new one, they are here to help you. X LY and baby Dust X



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